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Boo Boo Kitty and I wanted to Say HI

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Hi everyone, BOO BOO kitty and I are new to the forum. I have never had a cat before, but recently my boyfriend found BOO BOO kitty on a large highway (we figured someone dropped him off). No houses within miles and a dog was trying to attack him. But anyway, he is now safe with me and he is doing great. I do have a quick question though, when I took him to the vet he had a slight upper respiratory cold/infection and I received I drops and antibiotics. Well glad to say, he did get better. But ever since we moved into this apartment, he has sneezed. I was wondering, do cats have allergies and if so what could he be allergic too. Over the past several days, his eyes have been watery and a little glassy. Could it be my cleaning products, perfume, hairspray etc., or could he be sick? I have hard wood floors and my house stays dusty, could it be dust. Just need some new information so I can take good care of BOO BOO. Just let me know, I am excited about being part of the forum. Thanks, Heather
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hi welcome to you. It sounds like he may need more time on the antibiotic. I would call your vet for some instructions. It sounds like the same symtoms for the upper respiratory. I am glad you opened your heart up to this new furbaby. May you have a long and happy life together. Let us know how it goes. take care
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Thank You for responding to my thread. I feel very welcome and I am excited to share my life with Boo Boo kitty, I have some antibiotics left, I think I will take your advice and finish the medicine.

Thanks Sandy...
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A very warm welcome Heather and Boo Boo!

Hope you'll like it here!

So good of you to have rescued him and given him a good home!

Yes, cats do have allergies and sneezing can be a result of allergies.

You may want to read this thread about sneezing -

If you have any more questions on sneezing and or allergies - could you please post them in the health forum?


By the way, if you have a picture of Boo Boo, why not make a cat page for him?
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So glad you have joined us!!! I was thinking of moving this thread to the health forum, but I think I will leave it here, since you are introducing yourself here ,also.

We are so glad you have joined us, and hope you post often, we'd love to hear more about Boo-Boo.
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