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Wet or dry kitten food?

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After my first visit to the vet with the kittens, the vet informed me that dry Hill's science diet for kittens was perfect and I didn't need anything else to offer them as food. Cindy is really starting to put on weight and is getting heavier and chubbier. Lucy, by contrast, still seems thinner and lighter. Is the vet correct about the dry food? I guess I don't like the fact that the food is so dry and you have to always offer the water dish as liquid in their diets. These kittens are drinking the chlorinated, fluoridated, chemically treated tap city water with their so called "perfect dry food diet" and they drink a lot of city water because the food is so dry.

What about Purina dry kitten food? I have about half a bag left and I'd like to offer them the rest to finish the bag.

Please advise. I continue to offer the Hill's canned kitten food (only liver and chicken flavor available), but the kittens will only eat some of it, and tend to ignore what's left on the plate for the dry food. I suppose I don't have that much faith in dry food.

Here's another thing that's been troubling me. I visited a vet's website in Australia, and he advised feeding kittens leftover rich table scraps to supplement a good kitten food diet. What kind of rich table scraps would be considered treats? Is this a good idea to begin with? Some of the kids gave the kittens some people food and that led to looser stool problems or diarrhea. Cindy will anxiously pursue any food you are eating, but not be that interested in eating it. Lucy is another story. She will gladly find and taste anything on the floor or table. Sorry for the length and detail of the message, but I need some advice. Thanks a bunch!
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Different vets have different opinions on what is best to feed. Some think dry only is the best way to go...while others claim canned only. Mine seem to do quite well on a mixture of both dry and canned. I occasionally give them very small amounts of people food like cooked meat, green peas, chick peas, cottage cheese, olives, mashed potatoes or some other foods that I may be preparing for myself but they only get a very small amount. Mine are all adults and I never gave any of my young kittens table scraps but if you feel the urge to do so...I think small amounts of ground or cut up turkey or chicken might be a nice treat or maybe even a small spoonful of jar meat baby food (the type without onion powder).I would imagine that too many "rich scraps" might cause digestive upsets in a young kitten. Just my 2 cents
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Forgot to add.
For the dry Purina, I would just mix it into the bag of food their currently eating so you won't waste it and they will be less likely to get digestive upsets from abruptly switching foods.
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Dry cat food is fine for your cat and an argument can be made a little better for the teeth but that is the only real difference. Wet cat food does not cause tooth decay but dry helps clean the teeth. I have found converting a cat to dry that has been on wet a little difficult. I agree with the other user about using your old catfood. Keep in mind there are many other good brands of cat food, wet and dry, that will be perfect for your cat.

Table scraps on the other hand isn't a wise idea. Any human food in excess is bad for your pet. Some are fine as a treat every now and then but pick something high in protein and low in saturated and trans fats. Stuff like salmon and tuna as an occasional treat are fine( if you haven't used cooking oil or packed in oil) but I would stay away from table scraps. There are a few reasons unrelated to health reasons to not feed your cat table scraps. It could lead to some bad habits that are hard to break.
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I'll try mixing those dry foods together and *no more* people food.
I'm going to wait until they're older for a few treats, but as EMs, as soon as you open the refrigerator, they are with you, by the door or on the kitchen counter, waiting for food. Speaking of food, it's supper time and I'm getting yelled at, so g'bye for now.
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