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What do you think of this?

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I had posted that I recently adopted a little 7 yr-old abyssinian female from a rescue. I returned her because she was sold as "healthy" and it turns out she was sold to me with a highly contagious disease called Giardia. I had never heard of it. I had already exposed her to all of my family members and my other cat. My vet said people or pets can get it, and sometimes it can be a reoccuring disease. She said I would have to isolate her and disinfect and change the litter often and anything her fecal matter touched (which could mean anything like carpeting,floors,etc. She also stated that the vaccine was not always effective against getting the disease again, either. I wasn't going to be home for a couple of weeks and, Not wanting to infect my other cat or my family members and due to the fact the rescue said I can bring her back for any reason, I returned her. I also gave the rescue lady a bottle of $33 dollar pills to help get rid of the problem. NOW this cat is back on the rescue website (a couple of days after I brought her back) and being touted as HEALTHY!!! and that she needs a permanant home. This makes me furious as I really liked this cat (and would have kept her if the vet said it would never reoccur. Basically I was putting everyone in the house at risk possibly over and over) and now she MAY be sold to someone else as a healthy cat and she really isn't (yet). I feel bad for the cat mostly. I hope to God she is geting the meds and this rescue person will tell any prospective adopters that she is on meds and recovering from this Giardia.. Giardia takes 2 weeks or longer on antibotics, to POSSIBLY clear up. Who knows if she will even get her full meds if she is already back up for adoption. What would you do? I cannot believe this cat will be put through the stress of another adoption WHILE she is still sick. It is bad for her and potentially disasterous for any adopter with other cats. I am just concerned that's all. BTW this is the FOURTH cat I have adopted by a rescue group that have had problems. Two had such severe aggression issues that I had to euthanize them, one has a constant regurgitation problem and gets very nippy when she doesn't want to be moved, and now this sick kitty. I have adopted other cats from high kill shelters and NEVER had any trouble behavior or physical! I will never adopt from a rescue again. FOUR tries was enough for me.
Sorry, I had to vent! From now on I will be grateful for the two healthy cats I have now and have learned my lesson about wanting more! NO MORE CATS until my two pass on.
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i dont know what else to say besides that that really sucks....
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Maybe you should call the rescue to be sure that this cat really is healthy before they let it go out to a new home.

You said you euthanized two aggressive cats? I dunno, that bugs me. Were they otherwise in healthy condition? I know lots of people that have the will and patience to save and care for aggresive cats.
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This is a little bothersom to me reading that you had 2 cats put to sleep just because they were aggressive....
I don't know the entire situation so I am will not be quick to judge....but the other issue you were more concerned about..well, I understand that you did't want to expose your other kitties to this most recent cat you adopted, but what you get is what you get...that is like saying...you give birth to your baby thinking that he/she is going to be healthy, but then you come to find out it has some kind of disease or illness after they are born and you don't want to deal with it so you put it up for adoption...I am just being blunt...I would do everything I could to take care of this kitty..but that is just me...
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That sick kitty thing would make me upset too. I would call them to make sure this is actually happening and then call animal control and tell them that this shelter is knowingly selling an animal that is sick and a risk to humans and animals.
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The cats with aggression problems should be viewed no differently than dogs with aggression problems. Would you allow a dog to repeatedly bite and attack children? no. Most sensible people would have the dog PTS. If they pass it along to someone else to deal with, they run the risk of getting sued. On the advice of the rescue I got the cat from and my vet, I euthanized the one cat. She acted very feral and was in chronic physical pain. The other cat was so unpredicatable and volitile that again, my vet said it is the best thing to do because she could put a child's eye out. If other people want to risk maiming a person for life over a CAT, that is their business and I won't judge them. I won't risk it myself though.

Also, as far as comparing a human baby and a cat, well, I love my cats but I wouldn't want to adopt a contagious disease ridden baby any more than adopting a disease ridden cat. IF I had adopted a healthy cat (or one with a problem with less severe consequences) and had it for awhile, OF COURSE I would do all I could to ensure the recovery of the cat, but I don't think I should be responsible for adopting a cat that was already sick and was sold to me as healthy. IF the rescue truly was unaware of this problem (how could they miss bloody, soft stool is beyond me) shouldn't they (the rescue) just perform routine fecal exams on all incoming cats to the rescue? That way they would know if a cat had giardia (or something like it) and they would hold the cat (if they were honest) and treat it at the rescue and THEN adopt it out. I have adopted cats with fleas, UTI's, and URI and always kept them. Giardia is a whole different thing. I have an 82 yr-old grandmother living here. What if she got it? That could be disaster!! I am not the bad guy here even if I euthanized two aggressive cats. I had my reasons and had the vet's blessing. I don't think I should be blamed for giving up a cat that should have never been sold to me in the first place. I wept over this cat after I gave her up. I feel horrible for her, but I have to protect my family and my other cats. If my eldest cat caught this giardia from the new one , my mother would never forgive me.
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so what about the animal control thing I suggested?
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I agree with Tamme..she has suggested something good and maybe if they sent animal control out there to make sure this cat is getting her medicine, then maybe you could even possibly take her back....or that way there wouldn't be any chances of anyone getting sued over taking in a sickly kitty.....
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Sorry about the adoption of the sick kitty. I suggest going along with what Tamme said.

As far as the euthanization of your other cats. It's none of business I suppose, but did you at least try to find a home for the aggressive kitty. There are plenty of gentle souls out there that are dedicated to helping cats that are feral and/or extremely aggressive and then finding them a good home.

There is always a way out of aggression other than euthanization - (unless it is being caused by an uncurable a disease or is under special circumstances).
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Originally posted by catlover67
The cats with aggression problems should be viewed no differently than dogs with aggression problems. Would you allow a dog to repeatedly bite and attack children? no.
no, of course I wouldn't, but I know someone from a board my mom goes to called Great Pets that rescues German Shepherds or any other dogs that have aggressive issuses and helps them over come it. It's very highly possible. Think about it.
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What I mean is aggression is usually caused by abuse. I suggest getting a book about it. It might help in the future.
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care deeply about the new sick kitty, but considering how severe and contagious Giardia CAN be, I valued my other cats safety and family members more. As far as the aggressive cats I had, again, I realize some people can do wonders (or put up with) highly aggressive cats. BUT, on the flip side, I have had animal professionals tell me I could be in for a hefty lawsuit if I gave a cat with a bite history to someone else. I don't have or make much money right now, nor would I want to see some child get severely attacked because I didn't have the sense to put it down. I am truly sorry some people think I am wrong or even bad for PTS these cats, but I was raised to have pruedence and wisdom. heading off injuries and lawsuits, requires both. I am a tremendous animal lover and cats are my life. I do live with other people though and have to consider their needs too. I cherish the two cats I have now, and speaking of aggression, one is aggressive at times but LISTENS when I give correction and is very sweet most of the time. She is only a bite risk if someone were to physically restrain her or poke her in the shoulder. She in my mind is a keeper anyway.
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as far as the sick kitty I would contact them and tell them to make sure that the people that are adopting it are aware it is a spiecal needs cat and if they refuse contact animal control or the ASPCA or even the board of health.

As far as the aggressive kitties, I'm no one to judge but maybe someone that deals with ferals could have taken them and they could have lived there lives outside away from people and happy.
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alternative than euthanasia, I would have done it. The first aggressive cat was afraid to be outside even though she had claws. She was very affectionate and belonged as a pet, BUT she had these rage episodes that were very dangerous for small children. The other aggressive cat would have been a PERFECT canidate for a feral cat colony, except she was 4paw declawed (by her former owner) and couldn't live outside. Two different vets couldn't give her an exam without sedating her first. She was so wild at the vet's office that she pooed all over and the vet and technician were shaking when they handed her back to me. The rescue I got her from said they wouldn't take her back and if they did take her, THEY would have put her down. Also, my vet said she probably was in so much physical/emotional pain that it would be a kindness to have her PTS. Actually Lily doesn't miss the "feral" partner she grew up with. She has far fewer regurgitation episodes since Daisy was PTS. Daisy's pyschotic behavior undid nerves in people and other cats. My eldest cat heard Daisy SCREAM one day and developed a very serious UTI shortly after, and she wasn't even in the same part of the house!
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