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food question

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I have been looking for cat food or kitten food to feed this little kitten we have that needs a lower fat higher fiber food, according to the vet. Will the kitten gain weight, which she needs to on a lower fat diet. Im kind of worried about this. I noticed the science diet i/d has 32%protein, 12% fat, 4%fiber. I also noticed alot of the lite regular cat foods compare with this.I found the Solid Gold compares with these percentages too.The kitten food I have my other kittens on is 20% fat and the fiber content is 3%, a little lower too. She needs to gain weight but what do I do to help her do this. She was eating a Purina EN food, kind of like Tender Vittles and the label on the box was almost identical to the box on Tender Vittles, the only missing ingredient was brewers rice. I am feeding her a little pumpkin in with canned kitten food right now, she seems to be starving all the time and I want to get her a dry food that she can tolerate. I feed her every few hours small amounts and she isnt going to the bathroom quite so much now. She had really awful diahrea when she came here last week and it seems better but not fully gone. The reason she is not eating the Purina EN anymore is because her vet was in Florida and she is up here in Ga. with me now and we cant find it, and she wouldnt eat it without a smidgen of canned mixed with it. He recommended Science Diet I/D as a comparable food. Any help would be appreciated on this issue, I was just worried about getting her to gain some weight.
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Give this food a look - it for all stages of live and very very high quality. Might boy who has food allergies is doing extreemly well on it!!!

Personaly I will never feed anything else.

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