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At Last!!!

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We moved in a new home yesterday finallllly! When my dh brought furry boys to a new home. My dh helps Tavish to find something to hide and he found a spot to hide under the cabinet with the door open for now. Because he needed to set up a bed ready. Jude is pretty good at adjusting with new atomsphere but he looks soo nervous. His tail is so shake. After a few hours later, my daughter Jana arrived, Tavish decided to go and find another spot to hide. Jude is fine. Until Jana is more calm. I called Tavish to come on over here.. He got out of the "buffet" table from under it.

Last night, THree of us slept on the bed and Jude joined with us. Tavish slept on the carpet floor next to us. 5 of us slept in the same room. I think it's so funny. They did snoop all over it except the basement. It's too early for them to check it out.. They will check it later.

So far, they are doing okay.. I can't wait to straight these stuffs out in our house real soon.

Glad it's all over!!!
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awww that is great!!
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They'll get used to it soon enough!
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Yup - they will be just fine. They will have a lot of sniffing and exploring ahead of them
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Congrats on the move! When our friend moved, he put the cats and litterbox, etc. in the bathroom and left the door open. They lived in there for a week before they came out to explore! But they'll be just fine - it'll take some time.

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Congratulations on your new home. I know Tavish and Jude will love it, along with the rest of your family and your new addition.
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I can't wait to come home and find what's up with my furry boys doing all day.

Now, we need to go to a shopping to find something NICE furniture but i prefer lots of woodens and less fabrics. Well, my furry cats have NICELY claws. I do not believe in having them declawed. If anyone of you know any nice furnitures that has lots of woods or something that cats dislike stratch on furnitures.. Thanks.. We dont have furnitures now. They were thrown away when we moved in a new home. They were TOO old and they were not ours.
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