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I wanna help!

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Hello, I'm Sam.( I don't visit this forum much so I thought I'd introduce myself)

I would really like to become a Feral Cat feeder or help out with feral cats someway, BUT I have never and I swear NEVER seen a feral cat in my life, aint it just sad, but it's really good coz that means no homeless cats around here

Just thought I'd tell ya!

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That's amazing that you have never seen a feral. They are all over the place here in the USA and I've seen shows on TV about the feral cat problem in Australia, so there must be some around you who just hide really well.

You might contact your local Humane Society and ask whether there are any feral colonies you can help take care of.

I'm glad that you care about these poor unloved cats.
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I've lived in apartment complexes with feral colonies, and always made sure there was food for them.

But where I live now, I have not seen a feral EVER in the neighborhood for the 6 yrs I have lived here. There is one who lives by the local PA Turnpike entrance (I call her Turnpike Kitty), I have spoken with the toll collectors and found out there are some of them who make sure she has food and water and they made a little house for her in the winter. I discussed trap/spay/release with them, they were going to try and catch her, I don't know if they ever did though.
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Hey Sam! Glad you visited us over here.

I think it's wonderful you want to help. You're such an angel and you obviously have such a passion for kitties, LOL!!!

I also think it's wonderful you've never seen a feral cat! There weren't any where I grew up either, so I know it's possible to live in communities where there aren't any.

I think contacting your local RSPCA or are there other shelters in the area? You can also call a few of the local vets... they usually know what's what and where. They probably won't give out the phone numbers of people caring for ferals, but if you leave your number with them, they'd probably have somone contact you. I think volunteering to help out would be very much appreciated! We could have used someone like you last summer. Too bad we didn't fly you over here last summer to trap all these cats...

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I'm totally willing to help,I wanna like go to the RSPCA and help with new born litters , like training them and stuff, but I have just mated 2 Persians and Mum wont let me , When I'm older and planning to be a Vet, I plan to have my persians AND to help strays, I'm going to e-mail my local shelters and ask how I can help.When we win cat shows we win tonnes of food, normally cheap supermarket stuff and we always donate it to the local shelters, we are cat lovers, pedigree and non-pedigree, we have 1 domestic called Diamond who we rescued from a shelter, I must share her story sometime.

You guys have inspriated me to helping homeless cats!

I'll let you know how it goes
Thank you! Samantha.
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Check this out, I sent it to the closest rescue orginisation. I'm also talking to my local vet about helping out(we are very good friends and she breeds burmese cats), I'm really excited about this I hope they let me help out , I'll let ya'll know , I really wanna help cats!!!!! Do you think I'm doing a good thing?

Hello I'm Samantha Pratt of Whitby. I'm currently breeding Persian & Exotic Cats. I'm only 13 years old but My family has been breeding and showing cats for over 50 years old, my family is a huge family of animal lovers, having had farm-animals, cats, dogs , rats, mice , lizards, birds, guniea pigs & rabbits. We have rescued one cat from the SPCA in Wairapa called Diamond a Tortoishell Harleiquin SH. I'm really keen to be a Cat Breeder, Cat Judge , Feral Rescuer & a vet when I'm older. I have birthed litters of kittens on my own and I'm really keen to help out a cat rescue orginisation, myself & my friends have donated lots of food to your 'cause' and I have had years of cattery cleaning experience and I would really love to help out 1 or 2 days a week cleaning cages, helping troublesome cats? or with re-homing cats or anything, that can be usefull for you guys as well as my future education.
Please get back to me, I'm really happy to maybe have found a 'league' for me to help.
Thank you.

Breeding Beautiful Persian Cats.
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Great letter Sam I'll bet they contact you right away!
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Thank you Teresa!

Look at one of the cats there, how can she be resisted! Her name is Sasha!

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It's been 12 hours 'ish' and I haven't heard back yet, they probably think I'm too young
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I think for their insurance purposes Sam you are not of age for them to even consider you.

About no ferals in your neck of the woods, I would imagine the local predators keep the numbers down.
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That's Right Mary-Anne!

I used to volunteer at the RSPCA a few hours away from me, when I lived in a different house and they never minded,
oh well, I'm only happy to help them if they decide I can help, either way

Local Predators?????
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Sam, wanting to help in and of itself means so much!!! Unfortunately, your age my make it difficult... but I wouldn't expect you to hear back right away anyway. At least you tried, and that's what counts!

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Thanks Laurie!!!

I'm glad I tried, If a small shelter wont let me help there is no way a big one will, Guess I will have to go and live back where I used too, the people there loved me helping.... hmmmmm

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I had never fed a ferral cat either(that I remember) before my new cat showed up on my doorstep.
I decided to put some food outside when I saw her. Since then I have seen 3 ferrals that hang out in my neighborhood.
You would be suprised what shows up when food is outside.
So far I have seen 3 cats, a big racoon, a small racoon and 2 possums-Lol!!!
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Look what I recieved!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hello Samantha -apologies for not replying earlier but I havent checked the
> mail for well over a week ! of course we would be delighted for you to come
> and help. What days suit you and what times. As a rule we have 2 shifts of
> people working every day - mornings form around 9-12 and evenings 5-7.
> There is also the weekend. We alos have other activities you may be
> interested in such as helping at stalls, garage sales etc.
> let me know then i can put you ontot he right person.
> Cheers
> Fenella
I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL I'm having so much fun, here checking out there site, Even if they do reject me for a few months coz they have enough staff, I'm still going to be over the moon

*does happy dance*

I have asked if Mondays & Tuesdays are ok, because those are the days Mother doesn't work

Please send *vibes* that it works out OK!

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Oh how exciting!!!!! I know they they will be thrilled with you, especially once they meet you and find out what a great young lady you are!

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Sam that is just wonderful!!!! You have already made a big difference in many cats' lives on this board, but now you will be able to SEE the difference you are making! I'm very happy for you!
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OK Sam - I'm gonna do it.

LDG wrote 07-12-2003 02:41 PM
... but I wouldn't expect you to hear back right away anyway.

What wonderful news!!!! You'll be thrilled, they'll be thrilled with you.... this is just a win-win situation all around.

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You guys is very early here in the morning and I'm grinning Haha this woke me up!.

Thanks Renae, Thanks Heidi and ROTFL Laurie, you are so right


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Good luck with volunteering at the shelter, Sam!
They must have different rules where you are. I put in an application to volunteer at a shelter when I was 16 and they told me "thanks but no thanks" pretty much. Now that I'm 17, I talked to them and they said that they may consider me in a few months, even before I'm 18 because I have a lot of volunteering experience. They are screaming for volunteers.

It's great that you are doing it for your future education. It's really helpful. I want to be a nurse and I volunteer at various hospitals and nursing homes. I've learned TONS over the past four years (I started volunteering when I was 13 as well.) I'm sure you will learn a lot, too.

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Thanks Jenn

Well, I got another email back from Fenella and she said To either ring the Pukera Bay Shelter, which is 15-20 minutes away from where I live or the Brooklyn one in town which is 40-50 minutes away from where I live. So I rang the closest one and they said "Good Morning, Moggy Lodge" and I told them about myself & stuff and the lady said well ring back tomorrow because that's when Gail is here - the lady that talks to volunteers, so I may not be able to help, but hey even if I can't it's still cool

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I will ring them after college tomorrow - I'll let you know how it goes
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
I will ring them after college tomorrow - I'll let you know how it goes
Best wishes, I'll have my fingers crossed for you!
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Arrrrrrrrh well, she was very keen for me to help - but they needed people to work early mornings and I couldn't hack that before school ah well, many shelters round here, will give another ago!

At least I tried!
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I'm sorry the hours didn't work out - but I'm so glad you're getting positive feedback! It keeps the spirits up, and that counts too!
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It sure does!!!!!

Thank you Laurie
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