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Rene,Donna,Michele,Sandie Cape Cod

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We are back and plan to catch up the next few nights...boy did we have a good time.

The Cottage
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Donna at the beach
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Nice to have you back babe!!!

I Missed yu!!

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Boy that must of been fun! Looks like a fun (if exhausted group)
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We had a great time. Spent way to much money at Providence Town. Rene and I are a bad influence on each other.
It was nice to go away with just the girls. I hope we can do it again some time.

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I'm happy you all had a blast at Cape Cod! Are you now honorary Cape Coddites? Cape Coddians? Cape Codders? Or just plain tired?

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LOL..I am not sure what you would call us now. I guess very tired. Donna woke up this morning and was stiff and sore from all the walking. I have to say, most of the shops there beat any of the malls. I really am looking forward to going back again. Hopefully we can make a girls weekend more often.
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Take me away Calgon!!!!

I felt like I got hit by a truck! But it was well worth it! Especially seeing the drag queens, although I'll have to say I hate seeing a guy who looks better than I do dressed up.

Sandy also failed to mention that I was carrying a cast iron kitty feeder and a bag of salt water taffy that weighed about as much as the kitty feeder :paranoid2 all around Provincetown!

I will be back tomorrow as I am too pooped to even think! By the way, my date tonight(yes DATE!!!) went very well.


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Yes, we did have a great time and my cottage will never be the same! I actually spent more money this weekend then I usually do for a week or two with my husband, but that is because Michele and I are very good at telling each other we deserve whatever it is we want. It's funny too - she and I always want the same thing! We actually did buy the same cat clock and the same type of cat earings!

I did walk too much for my lyme disease has really hit me tonight and I am very sore and my joints are stiff, but it was worth it. Donna, Michele and Sandie - you are my bestest friends and I had a wonderful time with you. I just wish Frannie had been with us too!

Great pictures Sandie - thanks for posting them - as you can see we span four decades - 20's (Sandie). 30's (Michele), 40's (Donna) and, yes, 50 (me). And yet we are all good friends with a very common love - cats!

Sandie gets her kitten tomorrow! Donna had a good time on her date! Michele and I are broke!

I think it would be a great idea for any of the East Coast cat site people to plan a weekend visit and meet us at the cottage - just bring a sleeping bag!
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glad you all had a good time !

but how could you not?! good friends, great cottage, beautiful beach, NO WORK!

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I thought about you guys several times this weekend!

it sounds like it was a blast!

Sandie, thanks so much for the pictures. It's so nice to be able to see it instead of just 'visualize' it.

glad you guys are back
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I'm jealous but I will be there next year. I was thinking of you guys all weekend and even called Rene's cell phone to remind her that I love T-shirts. Glad Donna had a wonderful time on her date and yes Donna, I want to hear details. In a way I'm glad I wasn't there because on Father's Day, my husband became a dad to five oriental shorthairs. Their mom waited for me to come home and then we spent the rest of the day having babies. I actually had to help her deliver the first one since it was a breach and the last one's head was big so I had to help her push. They are all doing fine. Anyway, I was thinking of you guys even while birthing. Glad you had fun. Thanks Sandie for the pictures.

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The pictures are great. The cottage looks awesome. And I am about as jealous as I can be. Welcome back. You sound like you had a fantastic time and a well-deserved get away.
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Donna! Glad your date went well!!!! Tell us all about it....if I am not being too nosey!

I am glad to hear that you guys all had such a great time at the cottage, and doing all the fun things you did...and I lOVED seeing the pictures of you, Rene, Donna, Michelle, Sandie........But I must confess that even though I am so very happy for you....I am also a bit jealous, that I am not part of your group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(do you think maybe you could adopt me?.....I am serious!!!!!)
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The adoption is free, but the plane fare is gonna cost you!
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This is true...the more the merrier. I would love for everyone to be able to meet there sometime. Maybe if everyone starts saving now...by next summer we can have a reunion or I guess a union.
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That would be so much fun!!!
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