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Citronella and cats

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Is it safe as far as fumes go to burn citronella candles out on the patio to keep mosquitos away when the cat is in the area? Also does anyone have their cats protected from Heartworm? I am considering it and want some info about the precautions to prevent it, as I know they cannot cure it in cats like they can with dogs. Even last night in the house I saw one flying around. Linda
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I burn these all the time and the cats seem ok with them.

What's Heartworm?
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A mosquito bites a cat and it causes heartworm which is parasites in their heart or lungs and can cause death. Linda
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Eww. Thanks Linda, it's just there are never any mozzies round where I live, thank you!

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I am so worried about mosquitos causing heartworm and the dam fleas causing tapeworm, and to top it all off one of my cats is allergic to fleas and has to get cortisone shots because if a flea bites her her lip swells up, I wish all these bugs could miracously disappear off the face of the earth.
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well, i really hope they don't cause anything like that because both my cats eat flies......
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Hi Linda,

I feel for you - we have plenty of obnoxious insects here, too.

If your area has a high incidence of canine heartworm and your cat is exposed to mosquitoes, you might want to discuss it with your vet - he or she may recommend prevention. There are a few different options you can choose from. The rate of infection in cats is thought to be about 10% of that in dogs.

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I took my cat in for a checkup yesterday and we discussed heartworm, he said low incidences in our area and also felt that the prevention was more risky than the chance of her getting it, so hope he is right. I heard rubbing a cloth of apple cider vinegar and water on a dog or cat repels fleas amd skeeters and soothes itchy skin. Linda
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Just got thru reading an article on mosquitos and what works and doesn't. It was on MSN. It says citronella isn't really very helpful.?? I know we have burned a lot of it and truthfully, I never saw much good from it.

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