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Attention dieters: Have you tried this product?

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Has anyone heard of the product called Release by GNC? My cousin has been taking it and she's lost over 40 pounds in the past 5 months. She said she lost 20 of it the first month alone. I know it's not the solution to my fat problem, but I thought it might help get me motivated. I've been hearing it advertised on the radio a lot lately and my curiousity is getting the best of me. I did hear that it's really expensive and you take more than one kind of pill. I tried searching on the Net about it, but can't find a thing on there. I even looked up GNC site and nothing, but I know that where it is sold. The radio ad said that only 2 GNC stores in Nebraska are selling it (one in Lincoln and one in Omaha).

I also heard that there isn't any Ephedra in it, so at least it has that going for it. That Ephedra stuff is dangerous! It does work, but it can be very hard on your heart & many people have died from taking it. I did take Phen Fen (that one they hanked of the market years ago because it was causing heart valve damage) and I had great results from that. Honestly, I do it again if I had the chance even though I know the risks. I only took that stuff for 2 months and I lost 55 pounds. I actually kept if off for 3 years, but now I've slowly agained 20 back. At least it wasn't 55 plus some!
Anyway...sorry for the rambling.
Has anyone tried this or heard of it?
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Never heard of it though there is a natural product that I was looking at today. I'm not sure exactly what it's called but if you go into the gnc stores and ask then about something to control your appetite, they should know what you are talking about. it begins with a g. it's a plant that has the properties to control your appetite. I have to ask my doctor if I can take it though. it doesn't say if you can or cannot take it with seizure meds. So next month I will ask him about it.
Good luck on your venture. I hope it works for you.
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Thanks! When you find out it's ok from your Dr, could you let me know what it's called? That is if you decide to try it. Controlling my appetite is my biggest problem. There are days where I'm just no hungry and then I have days where I'm never full. It gets so frustrating!
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I haven't heard of that particular product, but if it is a 'thermogenic' type of suppliment (like Ripped Fuel or Hydroxycut) there most like is an Ephedra like substance in it. I would suggest taking a look at the ingredients and doing some research on each one so you're aware of any risks you may be taking.

... I used Hydroxycut and things of that nature for years while I was training to play softball... The only problem I had was that I often got shakey when I took them... something in it made me super jumpy. However, now that I'm a little older and a little wiser, I stay away from things like that... they often do more harm than good.
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Anyone know how to put on weight??
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eat lots of junk food. like fast food. trust me it works wonders! i ended up topped off at 140 pounds. i finally managed to get most of it off but slowly it's creeping back onto me again! darn good food that's bad for you! LOL!
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Thanks Jillian! I do know the hidden words for Ephedra since I work in a Pharmacy. I deal with that kind of stuff every day. I haven't actually seen the product, but my cousin told me that it didn't have Ephedra in it. So, I guess I really don't know 100% until I see the bottle.
I've tried Metabolite before and it makes me very jittery. I couldn't stand the effects from it even though it did curb my appetite. I remember when I first started working in the Pharmacy, my boyfriend at the time had a bottle of Diet Fuel with Ephedra. He said it worked great for him, so I thought I'd give it a try. I took 2 in the morning like it said and with in a half an hour I was bouncing off the walls. I remember my boss at the time asked me "What did you take this morning? You're a total chatterbox today!". And I was too! I wouldn't shut up and my body was going nuts! That was the last time I tried that stuff!
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I swear I eat whatever.. and I never gain a pound! *ducks flying objects * Honestly though I'd love to gain like 10 pounds.

Anyone want to give me some of theirs? LOL
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Anyone know how to put on weight??
Damn...I wish I had that problem!

Actually, I've heard that it just as bad for those people as it is for those of us who are overweight.
I'd love to slim down a good 50 pounds, but honestly I don't know if I could. I'm just a bigger structured gal...I'd be happy with losing 30. At least I'd be the same weight as I was in High School.
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"I swear I eat whatever.. and I never gain a pound! *ducks flying objects * Honestly though I'd love to gain like 10 pounds.

Anyone want to give me some of theirs? LOL"
Sicycat, DUCK! LOL! I wish I had your problem. I'd like to weight 105 like I did before but unless I starve myself, I don't think it's going to happen.
Shell, it's not going to be for another month, but I'll let you know,
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I swear I eat whatever.. and I never gain a pound! *ducks flying objects * Honestly though I'd love to gain like 10 pounds.

Anyone want to give me some of theirs? LOL
You can have as much of mine as you want Sicy!

Hey.... have you tried eating lots of spam?
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Hi Shell,

If you find out more about that product let me know! I'm going to try to do some research on it too.
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Looked all over the place on their site and couldn't find ingredients other than "herbal". My suspicion is that it contains Ma Huang, which is the herbal source for Ephedrine. It says right on their site that it is not FDA approved nor do they make any claims for its safety. I wouldn't try anything that said that!
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check this link

i did a search on google
i think it's not called release...
But it IS called
the "Release Diet"

Hope this is useful.
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Do you know which drug of the Phen-Fen combo did most of the work for you? Phentermine is still available and legal and it's what did the work for me because I didn't take the other one at all (didn't like how it made me feel). Check with your doctor.
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Tammie, I'll let you know if I find out any info on it. I might go to Lincoln on Monday or Tuesday, so I'll check it out while I'm up there.

Thanks everyone for the links and the info. I'll find out what all the ingredients are when I go there. Hopefully, they'll have a brochure or something on it and I'll post the info then.

I know that Phentermine is still available, but that one didn't do as much good as the Pondamin pill. I've tried the Phentermine alone and didn't get an results except for a little added energy. The one that really curbed my appetite was the one they hanked off the market.
When I was on Phen Fen, I didn't even take it like I was supposed it. It was 1 Phentermine in the morning and 1 Pondimin three times a day. I only took it twice a day if I remembered to take it. I was in college at the time and my schedule varied everyday. It was hard for me to remember to take it in the middle of the day. But regardless of that, it worked great. I wasn't hungry at all. It finally got to the point that my boyfriend told me that he wouldn't allow me to take them anymore. At that point, I had not ate a thing in 3 days. I lived on Diet Mountain Dew...that's it! It was definitely NOT healthy by any means and thats when I knew that I had a problem. I did not want to become Anorexic or anything...so I threw those pills away. Shortly after, they took them off the market. But, with the results that I had gotten in just 2 months I would do it again. Now I know the right ways of dieting, but I feel I still need that extra kick...maybe just a big kick in the seat to get up up & off my butt!

Thanks again everyone for the links and etc. I'll let you know what I find out when I go there.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Anyone know how to put on weight??
LOL! I do!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I swear I eat whatever.. and I never gain a pound! *ducks flying objects * Honestly though I'd love to gain like 10 pounds.

Anyone want to give me some of theirs? LOL
Just wait, Sicy....Just wait...... That was me my whole life. I gained mega weight during pregnancy, and it just fell off. I went down to 115 (and I am 5'6") when I was getting a divorce. Drank Ensure with every meal. Couldn't gain weight. Then the combination of Depo and 40 did me in.......

I am now on Weight Watchers to get back to what I consider a reasonable weight for me.
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Well, I broke down and brought it! I asked so many questions my sales clerk was probably happy when I left! I did cost ALOT but I hoping that it was money well spent! It was $130 + tax and he actually gave me a discount of $40! But, that is for a three month supply..so that isn't that bad I guess. If it was more, I honestly don't think I would have bought it. I'm still wondering if I should have done it, but it's too late now. I'm starting it tomorrow and I'll see what happens! With the packet, it did have a website. Release Program

From looking at the site, it looks like it's a Nebraska thing. I checked out the testamonials and all the people were from Nebraska. I thought that was rather strange. One good thing about this stuff is it is Ephedra Free and doesn't have any products like it in it. Bad thing is that I have to take 4 pills a day and drink a protein shake. Jake (the very cute sales clerk) promised me that it didn't taste bad. I told him if he's lying, I'll personally come back & give him hell for it! Luckly, he laughed about that!
Wish me luck Guys. I'm praying this stuff works! I know it's not the answer to my problems, but I'm hoping it will give me a jump start on looking better!
Here's a couple of pic's of me (the first one is the most recent and the last is from last summer...my chubbiness hasn't changed at all, but my hair is constantly changing!). Sorry if I scare ya!

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Danger of Weightloss Pills and Herbs

Beware of weightloss pills that promise increase energy and easy, safe weightloss. Ephedrine or Ma Huang is the herbal equivalent of amphetamines. The chemical composition is very similar. Is it any wonder that these pills or herbs will give you energy? Amphetamines speeds up the body and many people become jittery after taking these supplements under the false assumptions that it promotes safe weightloss.

Like most amphetamines, Ephedrine stimulates the central nervous system which results in a small metabolic increase. Don't be fooled by the scientific or flashy name. Read the ingredients of any weightloss pills or supplements and if it contains ephedrine, it may not be a safe weightloss product for you.

The worse combination is Ephedrine and caffeine. It's like taking a small dosage of speed and caffeine at the same time.

If you're considering any dietary supplements, IGNORE the scientific name and READ THE LABEL for ingredients. If these supplements contain Ephedrine or Ma Huang then ask yourself, "is elevated blood pressure, increase heart rate, anxiety and insomnia worth a few percentage boost in metabolism?"

Instead of risky weightloss pills, use a good diet plan for safe weightloss. Doctors and nutritionist both agree that safe weight loss comes from eating less calories than you burn each day. A healthy diet plan will achieve the safe weightloss that you desire, one pound at a time.
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sicy.. i was always super skinny and wanted to gain about 10 pounds so I went on ortho tricycline.. But then i gained 20 pounds.. So I got off of it and am slowly going back down, but I hope I can stop while I still have breasts! I was aiming for size 6 but it seems i go from a 2 to a 10 with no stops!!
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Thanks Lizza. This product is completely free of Ephedra or Ma Huang. Actually most stores (I know Wal-Mart and GNC for sure) have pulled off all their products that have Ephedra, Ma Huang or any herbs like them. Too many lawsuits and too many deaths due to that stuff. The only thing in Release that gives you energy is caffiene and it's only in the morning pill. The other pills have vitamins and fat blockers...nothing that will speed me up.
Thanks for the info and your warning!
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Good Luck Nascat...

GNC stuff is always really good.
I'm sure it'll work.
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Oh... i just saw that you'll be taking creatine. Creatine is for gaining muscle mass, don't let that scare you as it won't turn you into Arnie or anything, but if you are taking it, you should work out as well. It works a lot more effectively.

Check out these sites if you haven't already
you can calculate your body fat ratio here

i'm not sure if you're on a special diet or intend to go on one, but, IF you are planning to watch what you eat, then may i suggest this...

once you've found out your lean body weight, you should eat about 0.75gm of protein per day per lb of lean body weight. Protein should make up 40% of your daily foor intake, and you should get the other 60% from carbs. Of course you should try and keep fat content as low as possible.

The most effective way to do this is to design your meals using that fit day site the day before. I usually make enough for a whole day and eat what i've made in 6 small portions.

Believe me, your metabolism will thank you for it.

Hope this was helpful.
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Thank you very much for the info! Jake told me that I need to exercize at least 3 times a week, but it's not necessary for the weight loss. But, I really want to tone up so exercize will be very important for that.
As for the food, he told me to eat healthier but not to go over board. Even the brochure said that I could pick one day a week and eat all the bad stuff. I can handle that! As for the protein, I eat quite a bit of protein now. My problem will be eating several times a day. I'm not a breakfast eater, so Jake told me to drink a Protein shake that came with the program. I usually eat chicken, pork or beef twice a day. I also thought about buying some protein bars (even though they taste horrid!) and eating one of those on my afternoon break at work. I'm not a big veggie eater, but the brochure said that it's vital to get fiber in your system (if not, it will give me a major laxative effect! ). Fruits are not a problem for me...that where the carbos come in. If I can only stay away from the donuts, cupcakes, brownies and soda. That's the REALLY hard part. I'm going to give it my best shot and we'll see what happens. My weight goal is to lose at least 30 pounds, but honestly I'd be happy with 20 pounds. I just weighed myself and that scale said 190. Shocked me actually...I thought it would have been over 200. So, I'd love to get down to 160 but would settle for 170.
As for the creatine, I've never taken that stuff. I've read about it and have heard from friends about it. When I was in HS, I was pretty buffed. I lifted weights everyday and had huge muscles. I'm hoping I don't get those big muscles, but just toned up good.
I'm getting really excited about this. I've been thinking about losing weight and I've never gotten excited over it. Maybe this time it'll work! Thank you once again! You're so sweet for sharing all that info with me!
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Not a problem.... Me and my fiancee are health nuts. We work out practically every other day, and i love helping people out with their fitness and diet.

I'm just getting over my carb addiction too...
I found that the most lethal combination is carb and sugar.
And once i get some of that i just binge!!

So... you know...fruit, is a combination of carb & fructose. You may notice after you have some fruit you start craving something sweet like a donut. When you do, try eating some protein instead. Nuts, seaweed... if you're a snacker, then give yourself lots of healthy snack options.

One thing i forgot to mention about the creatine is this. There is only research that proves it works on men. That doesn't mean per se that it will not work on women, it just so happens that there aren't many women who take it thus they can't do much testing... But it does make you stronger, visibly stronger after about a week.

30 pounds is not that much. I used to be about 145lb at 5'5" now i'm 108lb... But i was reaally young at the time... I stopped at about 120lb and believe me it's been difficult getting to 108 and it'll be even more difficult getting to 100lb. That's my goal weight, as i have a very small frame.

So I KNOW it's possible.
Hang in there!!!
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Seeing Cathi's post about a diet product made me realize I hadn't updated this thread.

As of last week, I had weighed in a 176 & when I started I weighed 201. So that's a whopping 25 pounds! I'm almost to my first goal of 30 pounds lost but I'm hoping that I can make it down to 150.
Here's a couple pic's that were taken a few weeks ago. If you look back at the earlier part of this thread, you can see my before pictures.

Just thought I'd share my progress on this with you all!
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{{{{{{{Shell}}}}}}}}}} Congratulations on your success. Your hard work REALLY shows - You look gorgeous!!
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Aww! Thanks Kim! You too girl! Keep up the excellent work!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I swear I eat whatever.. and I never gain a pound! *ducks flying objects * Honestly though I'd love to gain like 10 pounds.

Anyone want to give me some of theirs? LOL
Just wait and get older, Sicy. I used to be just like you....then the big 40 hit and my metabolism crashed and burned. If you need a quick fix, try going on Depo Provera for birth control. I gained a boatload from that.

BTW, from your pics, you look just fine!
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