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Oh my gosh Luna is beautiful!! And yes, she looks like my boo!!

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Thank you for posting that! I still can't get over how much your Zoey and my Luna look alike! Is Zoey a rescue? Luna is a feral I rescued from the street, along with Isis anoterh one who I was feeding. They along with a Tom cat were my little feral "group". the tom one day got into a fight with some racoons over some food we left out and he disappeared, so after that, I made up my mind to bring the two in. (after their babies were weaned, but Isis lost hers, Luna I think got to go the whole couple of months, but she never brought her babies around so after I was sure they would be ok without mom, I brought her inside. I wish she'd brought them to me, I'd have socialized them and adopted them out.)
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I got Zoey at my local Humane Society! She would have probly been put down otherwise.
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Wow! Zoey & Luna look very much alike

Simply gorgeous Barb!

Love Sam.
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Magic has pretty long whiskers and long eyebrow whisters as well. He's a choc point Birman boy.
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Forgot to say Magic was bought to be a stud boy and then lost his nose pigment so the lucky lad has been desexed and is currently gaining his house manners before going to his new home.....he is going to make one wonderful pet boy, loves to chase tinsel balls and fetches them to be thrown, is a great bed cat and very cuddly - weighs nearly 6 kilos at 16 months old....I will miss him when he goes...next week. He will live in a very big house out in the country and is going to a family who lost a 16 years old cat last year.......think it will go well.
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This is the best picture of I have of Rocky and his whiskers....
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Rocky has beeeaaauuutttiiiiiful whiskers.
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Here are some Fluffy whiskers!!

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Fluffy whiskers look soft and fluffy like the name of that handsome one.
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