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Show Us Your Kitty's Long Whiskers..

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I'll post mine when i get my digi cam software (hopefully soon) Let's see some whiskers!
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Zoey has very light almost non noticable whiskers! You can see them good in this one though.

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I'd show you Lunas but I can't do the resizing thing so I'm stuck!
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Barb, you can email me with your photo and I'll resize it for you if you'd like. My email is garubaja@adelphia.net
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ok, on it's way right now! Thanks!
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I just checked my email... still not there. My mail is usually faster than this...
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Forget that... I just realized my spam filter thought it was spam because of the attachment! I'm going to resize it now.
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hopefully it'll go thru soon. I've got to get off here and call work spo let me know if it doesn't come thru.
ok. I was wondering I'f sent it to the wrong person. LOL!
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Mail is on its way to you Barb!
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OMG! I just realized I posted the exact same pictures that are in my sig!

What a fluke!!!
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Got them thanks! now if only I could post them. can you help me? please?
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ok how about a different one then eh?

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Barb, check your email again.. you can't attach the ones I sent you... they're slightly too big. Or would you rather I attach them for you? Whatever is easist.
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Tamme, Roo's and Tigger's whiskers are so cute!
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hehe thanks!
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to attach the picture, first you need to save the file I sent you to your harddrive somewhere. Then all you should have to do is first reply to the thread, and then a little bit below where you type in your text, there's a place to attach the file. Click on the "browse" button, and browse through your directories until you find the file you saved. That's it.
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OhMy LOL at you posting same Roo&Tigg pics as siggy Tamme!

They are gorgeous cats, Zoey is pretty too!!!!

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I still adore Roo! Love that picture of him sitting on his brisket!
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What's a brisket?????
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I'm sending mine to Sicy. She posts them for me.
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Is this Mini?

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yeah. i think she was watching birds? She loves the big windows. We have 3 of them.Thanks for posting it Sicy.
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Mini is beautiful
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I agree Mini is very stunning.
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Mini's a pretty girl
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Here we go. i hope this works.
nope. it won't let me. Darn it! oh well. I can at least look at your kitties.
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Barb! Email me the pics!!


I will post for you.
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WOOHOO! fantastic! thanks!
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