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La Daily Thread: Sunday, June17

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Well, in 3 hours I put my baby on a plane for Australia. (At age 12, she'd probably die if she heard me referring to her as a "baby".) I am so excited for her, yet of course, nervous too. I have spent WAY too much money buying last minute stuff for her trip, especially for an unemployed bum like me.

Wonder how the Cape Cod Crew is enjoying their weekend?

Once again, happy birthday, Chuck. Was the bed last night? If you perceive this smilie as moving, you are still intoxicated.

Blue, where have you been? Just 'cause you're 21, you don't have license to be out all night.

Have a good day everyone. I'm going to go calm myself before I go into the panic mode that we have forgotten to pack something vital. At least I was well-trained by my own mother. My daughter has NO underwear with holes in them.
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I hope the men on this board don't percieve this as being sexist, it just something I thought was pretty interesting.

All last week I cleaned my husband's shop. He has so much stuff. He has this gigantic toolbox on wheels, three tiers high full of tools he has collected plus it has his dad's tools, his granddad's etc. Mostly mechanicin tools (as he put it) He hasn't touched them since 1988, because for Christmas one year, his youngest son who is a Mr. Goodwrench told me what tools to buy for Mike and we put together a really nice set for him, which he uses now. So anyway, he decided to have a tool sale this weekend. I cleared out all the drawers, cleaned up the tools, and guess whose idea that was? LOL He has a lot of tools. So we set this huge table up in the yard, I made a LARGE sign saying TOOL SALE and it is hysterical to sit by and watch these pickups roar by, slow down, flip a u-turn. The driver jumps out of the truck, he has this glazed look already forming. There is a wife or girlfriend in the car, she is either manicuring her nails or rolling her eyes. *G* The guys all look alike. They all have grease under their fingernails, they are all wearing caps, tee shirts, greasy jeans, their faces just light up when they see this display of tools and it is like some male-bonding going on. I almost feel like I should pull out some lawn chairs and serve coffee. Of course Bacardi my people cat has to saunter over and say hello to the helpless female trapped in the confines of her car while her husband or boyfriend tries to get the best deal he can. It is like a quilting party or something, just cracks me up. I am even sure I didn't convey the right feelings I get when I watch this happen. But I sure hope I didn't offend anyone male or female who is reading this. It really is amazing to watch it from an objective point of view
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Hissy - That was too funny. My husband and friends are the same way about electronic stuff, especially stereo/home theater type equipment. I'll bet that was a sight to see!

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Hissy That is so true. Have you ever seen a man fixing his car. Other men seem to gravitate to him and there is this little group there all discussing the engine.
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Hey all...we made it back safe and sound. Of course it was POURING rain on the way home. We got to have a few drinks,kick our feet up and what else...SHOP. We giggled most of the weekend and did all girlie things. Well, except when we both got lost at the same time and had to call Rene's husband..LOL. Province Town is something else. We were going to see a drag show but we were too pooped from the walking and shopping. For anyone who has never been there..it is a must. I am glad to be back and hope to get cought up as soon as I take hubby out for a Fathers Day dinner.
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I, for one, am not offended at all by your description of the tool sale! I know exactly what you're talking about, as most of my male friends fall into the category of "motorheads" and would have displayed the same behavior as you describe.

Mind, I've always taken a middle-of-the-road stance on the matter of contraptions: I can chat it up with the guys about mechanical, hydraulic, or "whatever" systems; but I also find it equally comforting to sit and talk with the observing females, who always express their mystification at the interest their boyfriends/husbands take in machinery.


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What, pray tell, has prompted your daughter to travel to Australia? Mind, I'd love to visit there myself. I'd be nothing but a flamin' gallah if I thought otherwise!

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I'm happy you all had a good time at Cape Cod! I visited there in 1965, so I don't remember anything about it. Oh, well. I'd love to go there again!


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Blue, where have you been? Just 'cause you're 21, you don't have license to be out all night

i'm still here, Deb, i have just been going through HELL with my back pain

i'll make it, i just cant be in my computer chair for too long of a time at once; even though
it is a good chair, it doesnt seem to matter! :confused2

anyway, i am getting my a$$ to the physiotherapist on Wednesday and the Doctor tomorrow
for some painkillers hopefully it will touch the pain :tounge2: here's to hope

sorry i cant respond to all the threads right now, i hope everyone understands

love to you all
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Just glad to see you. I was worried.

Mr. Cat:

She is traveling with a student group. My son traveled with the same group to Great Britain last year. It's 11:00 am here, and they still haven't arrived. I envy her the trip, but not the plane ride! I thought I'd go nuts on a 2-hour plane trip from NY to Tampa last week.
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What?? a tool sale and nobody told me?? AAAAAAAGGGHH!!!!!

Actually a couple of years ago I had to sell all my tools off at a big loss and am now starting over. Often feel like I'm missing a hand or two when I try to do something. Besides,he who dies with the most toys wins!!!

Blue...sorry to hear about your back lady...I hope everything gets better for you soon.

The Codlings..do you guys know anything about the news reports of a gang of women terrorizing that area?? Just wondering.. :tounge2:
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LOL...I think next year will will skip the shopping and really make a scene
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Glad you are back, Blue....this place isn't the same without you! I hope your back is feeling better! I you!!!!!!!!!

Deb....I too was wondering why your daughter went to australia, but that question has been answered!!!
Try not to worry....easier said than done....but she will learn alot, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her!!!! (so is having a mom like you! )
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