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Darn Cable Co.

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I came home from town and my cable was turned off,Ted called and they said me didn't pay our last bill!!!But we had,! Ted went up with the bill we just got saying we had and demaned they turn it back on ASAP,They wanted to wait intill tommorrow!That was not going to work,and he told them so,they finilly said ok,and about 5: 00 PM they finlly showed up! I did't have any cable for about 5 hours! Or computer!! I really hate it when I can't get my catsite!!
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That happened to me once. My s/o sent a bill to the water co and they turned off the water anyway saying it wasn't paid. So we had to go down and stop payment on the check, and write a new one at a place where the water co told us to go. Pretty stupid huh? and then they told us we didn't have to be home for them to turn the water on, but when I called to tell them it was repaid, then they tell us yes you have to be home because if there is a leak, or you leave a fuacet running they can't be liable for it! How stupid! They can turn it off without any problems like that but as for turning it back on, you have to sit and wait?! so I wait and I was fuming by the time they showed up luckily it was a friend of mine from school and he told me that if he would've know who it was for(water bill is in s/o name), he'd have gotten to us first!
I feel bad for you! that sucks! I'm glad you got it back in one day though! I've known people who had to wait the entire weekend before they turned theirs back on!
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Holy Cow! 5hours without the cat site!!!!! How did you stand it??? *gulps her diet coke in sympathy*
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I went up and got my grandkids and put up their slip & slid and played with them!!!!!!!! And drank real pepsi all day!!!!!!!!!!
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And Ted told them I work on my computer and had to have it today,(they don't have to know it is unpayed work and I do it for fun)!
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Man, that really sucks. But I'm glad your hubby got them to come turn it back on tonight! Sounds like you had fun with the grandkids too
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I know, I hate cable companies. Ours is the worst for messing up your bill. They overcharged us for 4 months for internet and I just caught it last month, so they owed me for once. I go nuts without my computer too! I'm so addicted to The Cat Site, I dont remember what I did when I wasnt a member here! Housework I guess!
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LOL The frist I do in the morning is check my e-mail and then check my catsite!
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yeah I know the feeling, I hate cable companies in Aus, we only have a couple and they demand their bills paid every month, but when you call in to get "their" technical problems fixed thye like to take thier time....

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We get that too. On the occasions when I am truly late in paying the bill, they send someone over to disconnect the cable and he pounds on the door like the proverbial Hammers of Hell. He'll take a check as payment right then and there and leave our service alone.
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wow, sounds like these companies totally abuse their power. I've been at the vrunt of it as well and it's not fun. We had to pay a long distance bill that a roomate made because they got a hold of us first. We offered them our new roomates number and address but they weren't interested. It was our phone line and our bill. Crazy.
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Sherall!!!!!!! the worst part of yuor day by the sound of it was drinking pepsi

I'm ever so sympathetic about the rest of your day as well!!


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