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Bad Belly ?

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My friends cat seems to have a problem digesting , i think. Most of the time when the cat has to poop she runs around as if something is bothering her. The cat will then run to the litter pan, poop a little bit, then run out of the pan and poop again some place else. Also, sometime she will vomit after she eats hard food. In the vomit it looks like the hard food isnt chewed or digested.

She is normaly fed high fiber food as directed by her vet and is given weight control iams adult food becouse she is over weight.
What do you think it could be.

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It could be that she does have a hard time digesting the food she is eating. I would have her talk to the vet about a diet that may suit her better. The litter box issue could be the same if it's causing it to be either too soft or too hard. They can also have problems with thier anal glands, so I would have her make an appt with the vet to check both out.
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I agree with Sandie. The cat needs to be checked. She may have eaten something that she is having a hard time passing and it could be lodged in her colon.
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Has the vet checked for Inflamatory Bowel Decease (IBD)? If not ask about -the symptoms certainly sound familiar. This is something that is very treatable.
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