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To Michaela. . . . . . :)

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M I C H A E L A !

Pretty Kitty; You're "So Fine"

If wishes had WINGS, I would make you mine!!!

Oh, to sit in the MOONLIGHT on a
Starry, Autumn Nite. . . .

My paw on your shoulder,
Would have to "suffice";
Until I grew "bolder"

MEOW with me, MaMa with the "soft, furry coat",
DREAM with me, four-legged Lady!

Just one (Lusty Look) from you
Would keep HOPE afloat. . . .

Yours in My Dreams. . .
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Michaela; I had too much catnip last nite and I dreamed you were here with me. . . . .

When I awoke, I was alone (well sort of---as alone as you can be in a house with 5 cats--none of which owns your heart)

If I can only see you in my dreams: then down with the and hasten the nite. . . . . .

MoMo ( of The Broken 's
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Thank you very much for your wonderful poem! I so love reading your messages.

We must strive to be together soon! I am lonely, in spite of my kindly human and my step-sister Tonya. How I'd love to sit and talk with you for hours!

Please continue to write me. I shall be thinking of you, dreaming about you and hoping for a bright future with you!



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Michaela Michaela Michaela!!!!
My is on Fire now,
"Pretty Kitty"
I am "silly" for you, SEXY MAMA!

Next time your human snaps a picture; turn around and "Give me a little TAIL. . . . "

I'm off to nap and dream of you my

MoMo in MO.
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Oh, your letters are wonderful! How I long to see you and be with you! We are destined to be together, you and me, forever.

Here, my love, is a photograph of me which my human made today. I hope you will send me a picture, too! (That's my step-sister Tonya in the background. She wants to know if you've a brother.)

Your friend forever,


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(be still my beating heart. . . . )

There is another male who lives with us. We are not related. His name is "Handsome" and he is Very Conceeded (at times)

I will show him the screen with Tonya's picture and see if he is interested. . . . . . BUT I want him to know it is "Paws Off" when it comes to YOU (my litle "Tortise Shell Temptation"

MoMo in MO. with in his heart
and on his mind........!!!!
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Your letters make me blush!

Tonya, who is quite shy when it comes to meeting other cats, nevertheless would like to see a photograph of your friend Handsome. For her, that's a bold step!


Thank you, dearest, for writing me so soon! Does your human know about our love letters? I'm not sure if mine does. Well, no matter. We shall persevere!

Good night, love!


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Michaela, My Sweet Tortie; It is I,MoMo, Your HOT, Honey Hued Tabby!!!!

To see a picture of Handsome; Tonya will have to go to the thread about Post Pictures of Your Beautiful Cats.
My human's fiend, blue, posted my and his pictures awhile back (since TLK does not have the ability to scan photos from here). He is the long-haired, Maine Coon type in the pictures with me. He is about 7yrs. old and "thinks he is in charge" around here, but we just "humor him". (actually; I am the "Brains" of this operation. . . . .

Enough about Tonya and Handsome(what will be; will be for them) It is YOU I "CRAVE" day and nite. . . . . I must come up with a plan to bring us together. . . . . .
I shall be about the business of hastening our meeting. . . . .

All my to you, my

Forever, MoMo
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Thank you, love, for helping Tonya find a boyfriend! She's quite excited about all this. We're going to look at your pictures today!

Take care, dear MoMo. Know I'm constantly thinking of you and looking forward to our meeting someday soon. We'll have so much to talk about! (But we won't spend all our time talking, will we? Tee hee!)

All my love,


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Michaelea, My Little LOVE MUFFIN, I know that your "Daddy" has been out of town, but do not punish me because you are upset at him. . . .
"My heart is B R E A K I N G ! :splitter: The weather has been HOT (but not as HOT as my DESIRE!!!!)
My owner does not get on the internet as much when it is so-o-o-o-o-o HOT!

But why must we SUFFER, my Little Tortie Temptress. We must put on our "Thinking Caps"
and find a way to keep our feelings alive. . . . . . . . . . .:

Your Heart's Desire
Your Golden Tabby Trojan,That UNDEFEATED GLADIATOR in the Arena of Affection

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We are famous! Our love story has been spread over the inter-net by the nice human lady who runs this web site! I'm very flattered that our love has brought us this recognition. I hope you'll not be too shy about this publicity!


My love, our relationship was bound to become public. It's so intense! Ah, perhaps we must meet somewhere between Saint Louis and Portland. Bone, Idaho, might be just the place! Nobody goes there and reporters might not find us.

My human friend Joe ("Daddy" to me and Tonya) used to work in the journalistic media of communication. I'll ask him what we should do to avoid unwelcome intrustions from talk-show hosts, et cetera.

Be brave, my dear MoMo! All will be well, once this spate of publicity fades. But our love will never fade!

Michaela Kristin
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My Beautiful Michaela; My Mom (Darlene) would like to know how to get a copy of the Newsletter that carried our story. She says that she thought that she was signed up to get the Cat Site newsletter, but never received this one your human refers to. She feels that our best defense against unwanted publicity is to be forewarned.

I guess we could plan to get to this Bone, Idaho place if we have to. I would travel to the moon to be with you my sweet tortie! Handsome says that he will come with me, if Tonya is still interested in hooking up with him. I think it would probably be best, if we have to travel any
distance, if there are two of us and Handsome is older and more experienced in dealing with humans. I trust him and consider him a "Big Brother" of sorts.

We must look into what will be needed should we decide to "hit the road" like traveling minstrels of old. . . !

I shall keep you informed. You know my is yours, my precious light of my life Thank you for loving this unworthy mouse catcher.
MoMo in MO. of the
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Hello, sweetheart! How are you? Thank you for your lovely letter. Oh, I'm heartbroken too that we're apart. But soon, my love, we shall be as one.

My human friend Joe has been sad lately, because our feline sister Jaws passed away. She was 20 human-years of age! My, but she'll have loads of neat stories to share with everybody at the Rainbow Bridge. So I've been sticking closer to Joe so he won't feel too sad. I remember how sad I was when my mother Sesheta never came home. Joe was there to comfort me when I was sad, so now it's my turn to help him. These things are too sad.

Let's talk about something else, okay? I've been thinking Bone, Idaho, might not be the best place for us to meet. Let's find a place that's just as far for both of us! I've been looking in Joe's big atlas of the world (it's a book with pictures of all the places we can go). There's a nice warm country called Mali, on the continent of Africa. The place I've been thinking of is called Tombouctou. It's 43° Celcius there today, according to Joe's temperature thing on Samantha the Computer System! Is that too warm for you?

Anyway, let me know where you think we should meet. As far as what to take with us: Those nature programs on television always show humans in khaki clothing and hats. I'm glad we don't need such things! But I wonder about drinking and eating. Of course, there must be mice nearly everywhere; but we'll have to be careful about the water.

Tonya is thrilled that Handsome will be coming with us. She's all excited. Silly girl! Hey, we can consider our travels one big long double-date! With four of us, we can take turns at standing watch. (You know what else we can take turns at?)

Well, I'd better go. Joe is finished cooking so he may be here any minute. Take care, sweetheart! Don't be sad or worry. Remember, our love will enable us to overcome all obstacles. When I think of you, I get just plain silly!

Many kisses and much love to you, my MoMo.

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Dearest Michaela, object of my 's desire; I, first, want to send you Hello Kisses
You KNOW that I miss you so!

I don't think that the idea of our journeying outside the country is a wise one. . . . . I think we need to research the meeting place of Tombouctou in Mali, Africa; for a variety of reasons: First, I am not sure about foreign cultures and how they regard domestic cats. (I have heard "Horror Stories" of some people who eat cat meat!!!!!!) I would NEVER forgive myself if anything that horrible were to happen to you or Tonya!
Second: It is a very warm climate and Handsome is a long-haired, Maine Coon cat who is heavy set and older. He would do better in a more "temperate climate". Lastly: I think that if we stay "stateside"; we are more likely to receive help from benevolent humans, sympathetic to our plight! These are just my opinions and I am open to any and all suggestions that would hasten our union. I am anxious to hear from you, MY BEAUTIFUL FUR MY EXQUISITE FELINE QUEEN :egypt:

Yours until the stars fall from the heavens; to match the ones you have placed in my eyes! =^++^= MoMo
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Hello, my love! I'm so happy to read your last post! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to respond, but my human Joe has been at home a lot lately. (I'm sure you know what I mean.) Anyway, dearest, I've another idea about a meeting place: Glenrock, Wyoming!

I've been studying aerial maps and decided perhaps it's best if we meet halfway. Notice this photograph:

Well, exactly halfway between us lies the town of Glenrock, Wyoming. Of course, that's if one measures the distance on a flat map. But I'll gladly cross those mountains to meet you!

Here is a view of a stream at Glenrock:

Doesn't that look nice? There are about 2,500 humans who live at Glenrock, so it should be a quieter place than either Portland or Saint Louis! And the humidity there is considerably lower than at either of our present locations, so Handsome shouldn't feel uncomfortable.

Now, here's the route you'd have to take to reach there:

Let me know, love, what you think of this plan. I'm so looking forward to meeting you, I can hardly restrain myself!

Please write as soon as you can. Be good and remember I love you!

Your sweetheart,


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My Beautiful Michaela; Not only are you a "Breathtaking Vision to Behold" but you are intelligent as well. How Blessed I am that we have met. . . . . I do believe that Glenrock, Wyoming is the answer to our prayers! I can't wait to expain things to Handsome and we can commence making our travel plans. We will proably have to travel after the heat of the summer and before the chill of winter. (possibly in Sept. or Oct.) I am so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o excited that I am finding it hard to type correctly. Your latest photo is, of course, gorgeous, but you look so lonely as you stand sentry from the window awaiting my arrival. . . . I hope we will be together soon; now that we have agreed on a destination!

Handsome wishes to send his warmest regards to Tonya and to say that he has always been "partial" to ebony beauties and she is the "Finest" silken midnight temptress he has ever laid eyes upon. He hopes she is partial to slightly older Toms and he assures her that his heart beats like a "Lovesick Kitten" when he gazes at her photo. . . . .

I must close for now, my SWEET MEOW!
I'll see you in my dreams. .

MoMo in MO. (and Handsome, too)
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Hello. My name is Tonya and I'm a friend of Michaela's. I wanted to ask you if you could tell Handsome how much I appreciate his kind remarks about me. I'm really quite excited about our upcoming trip, to meet you and Handsome in Wyoming! I'm worried, though, about leaving my human Joe behind. I think he would miss us and be sad. But, we have to be brave don't we? Yes, I think we do. Well, thank you for reading this. I just wanted to introduce myself to you, so if you want you can write back. Or, you might ask Handsome to drop me a line himself. Yes, that would be nice!

Good-bye for now,

Tonya Robin
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Hello, my love! Well, it's been a sad week for me. Joe the Human has been moping about, due to all the bad news on television. Tonya and I have become sad too, as we've figured out something awful happened somewhere far away.

Anyway, dearest, perhaps we'd better not travel just now. You know, there haven't been any of those flying machines in the sky lately! How strange this all is! I'm kind of afraid something might happen to us if we travel across the country: Maybe some human people won't like us because we're cats. It's all very confusing and I don't know what to think, but I know something's wrong.

That male cat I told you about still comes here for visits, but he doesn't stay very long. He's shy, I guess. He seems happiest when out of doors, but Joe the Human likes him and asks him to come inside! I suppose Tonya and me will have to get used to him, but how I long for you to come to the door! Please let me know how you are doing. I miss hearing from you; and I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. I promise I'll write more often. Be careful and be well. Is Darlene the Human sad, too?

I love you,


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