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Kitten has dark red pupil?

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My cat gave birth to two kittens a few weeks ago, one white with gray ears and tail and the other plain black (so far), both boys. Around 3 weeks ago. They opened their eyes at 8 days and I noticed that the white and gray kitten had one pupil which is colored not a solid black, but a dark, near-black red. I thought it was just the light in the room at the time, but now I'm sure it is really red. The rest of his eye is blue.
I have heard of white cats with blue eyes being either deaf or blind, and I was worried that it might mean my kitten is blind in one eye. His left one.
I have included a picture of the kitten. It shows more in real life, though.

He seems perfectly healthy, though. He is active, affectionate, and he seems to fallow the movements of my hand as I pet and play with him.
I checked his brother, Hitam, and his pupils are both black, and he is just as healthy and active as his brother.
I even checked their mother, and she is also very healthy. No runny nose, not coughing, her eyes look fine, fur sleek and well groomed...

So is there something wrong with the kitten? Or is this regular? I asked a friend of mine and was told that it was normal, and that white kittens were nearly always like that, but I want to be sure.
I really love this kitten.
Even though I haven't named him yet. >_<
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You could have the vet give it a quick check, but to me it looks normal.
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They look normal to me to, but as suggested, have him checked to ease your mind. Looks like the kitten is going to be pointed, and they do have 'different' eyes. I wish I had pics of Zab when he was a kitten - his eyes looked really strange but it just turne out he had pale blue eyes that pointed outward; he is blue point and white
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looks exactly as my kitten. with the same eyes. looks normal. but looks alarming.
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The kitten indeed is colorpoint, seal point with white (a spot in the nose at least). Pointed cats have pupils that reflect as red, so it could be just that. But if it seems to be very different than his other eye, you might want to have him checked by the vet.

You don't have to worry about the kitten being deaf, he is not white, and the genetic deafness is only linked to masking white gene. Your kitty is genetically a black albino (colorpoint pattern is caused by a form of partial albinism, hence the blue eyes).
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