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I'm sad about this one

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Well I just found out this afternoon that one of the cats that we had adopted out just a week or two ago has come back. (or should I say another one) I don't know what is going on with people right now, but we have a lot of cats in our shelter that have been there once before. However, that's not what I wanted to share. Normally I don't like to share the sad stories, but today I just can't keep this one to myself. This cat HATES & i mean HATES being in the shelter. She is a large cat named Peggy who came to us because her owners boyfriend had allergies (I won't even start in on how stupid of a reason that is) She doesn't like other cats & had been with us a few month & would not come out of her cage at all when she first got there. As time progressed we could get her to come just out side her cage if everyone else was away & we were there to pet her. She's a sweet cat & now she's back. I don't know why she's back, but I just want to cry when I think about how misserable she is.
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Poor baby.
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Peggy reminds me of Midnight, a cat I adopted from a no kill shelter a little over 15 years ago. She had lived at the shelter for six months and HATED it. When I brought her home, she seemed truly grateful to be away from the shelter, and a very special bond developed between us that lasted until Midnight's death 13 1/2 years later.

I hope Peggy finds the right owner soon.
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It is sad I know ... This spring I got one from the shelter , it was a Main Coon cat . Sooooo pretty . The shelter went and got the cat nuter before I even went there to look for a cat .So I took him home , next day went to the Vet with him . I got him testet for Filine L. and he was positive . My heart was just broken . Due to so many cats I have I was not able to keep him and hat to bring him back .Well .... yeah he was put down . But what I don't understand is , why did they fix him and never even ck to see if there is maybe something els wrong .I just don't get it .Now they have a test kit for that , but some where I was reading that those Kits are not !00% . So I don't know if I want to go back to a shelter now . I need to say that it was very hard on me , I and my Son were so in Love with that guy . I just had to tell you all about it to get it of my shoulders . Thank's for reading
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear about that. At our shelter we test every one for FIV & FeLu before we do anything else. However we don't put them down just because they come back positive, we just test to make sure that we don't put a positive cat in with the negative cats. I have also heard that the tests are not 100% but I suppose it's better than not testing at all. I can't believe a shelter would alter a cat before they found out about it's health, especially when they just put him down. Shelter work is hard, but it definatly has it's rewards.
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yes Rang_27 you are so right , better that test or nothing at all . I also need to say that we do have a Kill Shelter here . Somehow it got a little better , that's what they say anyway . Also where I live is a base , so a lot of them who are leaving to a differend place just trop them off . Now I don't mean all off them but many off them will do that . So the shelter is always full , no matter what kinda season it is . It is truely sad . That is one of the reason why I go sometimes to see what kind of cats they have .
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Most no-kill Shelters test for diseases prior to adoption. I volunteer at a no-kill shelter too. We always test for diseases; even though there are false positives and negatives. Cats should be retested about 60 days later; even the retest can be wrong, but it is the best we can do. We do not have many returns of cats; but many returns of dogs.

We are helping Iraq with their animals; we need to help the inlisted with their animals too. Just dropping them off at a shelter that is over flowing is not the solution. I would think that your Humane Society in Georgia would set up a program for this kind of situation.

brirach: meowmum of miracle kitty brina, jesse james, teddy b., meicka, and feral Mia.

Sure hope Peggy finds a forever home soon!
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They do have the test kits now for maybe 2-3 month , and I am happy about that . Nooo , we sure don't have any programs here .I wish we did .
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Our shelter will test for FIV and FeLk when a cat is adopted, if the new owner will pay for the test (I think it's $20 or somewhere thereabouts). Quite a bargain, compared to what the vet will charge for the same test ($50 and up!).
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We did have one cat come in when the war in Iraq started. He was such a sweetie. He is in a home now & has been for a while. His name is Airborne. I felt awful for whoever left him there. I can't imagine having to go defend your country & no one will watch your animal until you get back? There were a couple stories on the news about that kind of thing. I know one was a woman who had to give up her childs 2 dogs because she was elderly. She tried to care for them but they were just too much for her.
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