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Just to Say Howya'Goin Mate

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Hi All,
Just registered so thought I would pop in and say hallo. As you might have guessed I am from Australia. I live in a place called Frankston - seaside gateway to a rather attractive peninsular. It is an outer suburb of Melbourne in Victoria.

I breed Birman cats and have done so for a few years now - started with one lovely girl and currently have 10 - counting some youngish kittens. I like to show and do so when I can get a Birman with the elusive show markings. I fit into the age category of "Grannie" have a grandson called Dylan who does not live close enough for me to see him often - now 7 years old. He is son to my Daughter Karen (Horse fanatic - owns a couple of quarter horses she is training for Western Pleasure)and her husband Dave (he is establishing a business that deals with Solar hotwater and heating.)

Looking forward to meeting you in the forums.
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Welcome Heather!

I know you will enjoy yourself here!
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Welcome Heather!!!

I'm Sam and I'm Suzanne Gordon's Grandaughter she judges over in Oz all the time you may know her.

I breed Persian & Exotic cats.
Pleased to meet you, have fun!

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Hi Heather, welcome! I'd love to see photos of your Birmans. I think Harry looks like a Birman ... but I really don't know if he is or not, since he was rescued as a teeny tiny kitten!

Hope to see you and your Birmans around the Cat Site :daisy:
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Hi Heather welcome on board . Hope you will enjoy your stay and have fun
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Welcome to the site Heather! We do love pictures here, as I'm sure you will be able to see when you visit the Cat Lounge. I hope you enjoy your time here. Many of us are hopelessly addicted to the place - there's just not much better than chatting with cat lovers from around the world.
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Hi there!
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This site is HUGE. Thanks for the welcome everybody.

Sam I don't think I have met a Gordon judging but I show with GCCF which may be a different organisation to where they are judging....or maybe they judge interstate more....Australia is a big place.

In Victoria we have three registering bodies and FCCV does not allow us to show with them unless we are members of that organisation along. The third organisation is CAV and we can show with them and also use some of their challenges.

Regarding Harry the Cat - if that is a pic of Harry he looks lovely but from those pics can't exactly see if there is Birman characteristics or not.

The pic - if it works is my little blue point stud boy - "Clyde" - he is ACF AofE.Gold Champ. Shiki Daydream Believer. Hope you like him. He loves singing...sigh....often in the early hours of the morning.

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I can't see your picture! Snapfish doesn't allow remote viewing, unfortunately. Even copying the address into the browser it just comes up with a log-in screen. is one that I know allows remote linking, and it is free to sign up.
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I believed that I had copies from the site you mention but maybe it is the one fron Snapfish. Could not work out how to upload and right mouse clicked on image and copied property - will try again tomorow - tired now - nearly 1.oo am on this side of the world.
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Welcome! Your cat is gorgeous!

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Hi, I'm new also. My ex hubbie was from Australia.
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welcome to the site
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Ok Heather, that's cool
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Hello Heather, fancy meeting you here

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hi there Heather, and welcome to the site, hope you enjoy hanging out here
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Hi Julia,
Took a while to find it but now there will be a little less hogging on cat-world site - well maybe or a little more sitting at the There sure is a lot of posters here and huge number of interests.....take forever to get through it all.

Wonder if anyone else here chats at the Australian site - worth a look and can see it from this link I hope. Welcome "down-under".
post #20 of 24 said it, more forums, more time spent on the computer. LOL. I love meeting other cat lovers, and this site sure has lots of them. It took me a while to find my way around, but I tend to stick to the Health & the Breeding forums or I'd never get anything done. I chat on several cat sites, you'd think having a newborn baby would stop me. All the baby books tell you to sleep when baby sleeps, not me....I'm too keen to catch up on my various cat sites!!!

Holly's sleeping now, we had an absolute horror day with her yesterday & I'm exhausted, you'd think I'd have the good sense to catch up on some sleep. Some things never change.

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Welcome Heather. It is addictive here.

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Beautiful cat!
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Hi Heather!

Another Aussie here. I've never been to Cat World. I found The Cat Site and stayed. Very addictve and fun. Oh and plenty of help!
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