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greyhound rescue

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I just saw this on t.v. a minute ago. Approx. 25,000 greyhounds are killed every year because they aren't fast enough to make money.

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This lady rehabilitates them into getting used to a home environment and then adopts them. She gets them, flies home with them, then goes back and gets more. She has a lot, I guess and does well with the adoption. They have fun weekends where the dogs race for fun.

Did you know they can run up to 45 miles an hour??
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I hope that she places every dog into a great home.
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There's a gal in my town that is part of a grey hound rescue org. I believe that she travels to Kansas City MO and helps with the whole process. I just seen her last week or so at WalMart and she actually brought in one of the dogs. I was kind of shocked. It's not everyday that you see a dog at Wally World! But she said that she is trying to socialize a couple of Greyhounds and once their socialized with people, they go off to training to become seeing eye dogs. This lil guy was huge, but very good in public. He never barked or got excited. It was like he knew he was on a mission. What a beautiful and content dog! I even see her walking him by our house every couple of days. I think it's great that they are rescueing this dogs and then using their capabilities to great use.
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This is soo sad! Those poor sweethearts!
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Tamme, I think Pet Story on the Animal Planet channel had a story about the lady that rescues greyhounds a couple of years ago.

Shell, I've heard that rescued greyhounds make very good pets once they've been socialized. They like to just lie around and be couch potatoes. LOL!!!!
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I'm sure they'd love to lay around considering how hard their bodies have been worked at those tracks! Poor lil guys...at least some of them get to know what it's like to have a family and love.
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I really want a greyhound. They always seem like such nice dogs, and I think they're so pretty. I've heard they really bond with their people, and follow you around the house.

I also heard the couch potato thing, but you have to be careful outside. They will run after whatever moves and can't find their way home because they are sight hounds, they go by sight and not their other senses. So they're concentrating on chasing whatever and not paying attention to where they're going.
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about 50 miles from where i live, they have a greyhound track, and they also have a no kill rescue place, and my moms neighbor rescued 2 of them, they were litter mates, and i can tell you they make good pets.
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They make wonderful pets!! however they are sight hounds and will chase whatever they see that resembles prey. Some can be acclimatised to living with cats, but it depends on the dog.
They make great house dogs, are not barkers good with kids.
Very low coat care. The rescue people will help you find just the right temperament for your household.
I have many friends that do dog rescue, before greyhound rescue began they were allowed to be shot and buried in some states.
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A friend of mine and his adult son adopted two Greyhounds from a rescue. They were retired racers, both are only a few years old- they don't race them for long before they're 'no good'. These dogs are amazing- big lovable couch potatoes The only thing my friend has had trouble with is when his Grey plays with other dogs he tends to get wounded easily as his coat and skin are so thin. Also, he has to be careful about putting a sweater on his dog when he goes outside in these cold Nova Scotia winters. He said he'd recommend anyone adopt a Grey, because its the best dog he's ever had. I'd love to rescue one someday when the timing is right- they are gorgeous, wonderful dogs :rainbow:
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They should just re-habilitate them. They do that in england.

A lot less cruel.
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