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Neo has been coughing up hair balls and gagging but not coughing anything up. It is making me really nervous. We are getting him to the vet ASAP. He has never had hairball problems before but now he is clean himself, moemoe anddddd sebastion (they all clean each other ) should I switch them to a food to help prevent hairballs?? They are eating normal adult cat eukanuba (I know, I know but after reading and reading this is what I think is best for my guys)
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My cat used to do the same thing I have her on regular food,but once a week I feed her two hairball prevention treats. I'll get you the brand a little later. They seem to work, and she doesn't cough anymore.
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There is also a hairball treatment that kitties can lick off your finger. This will add to the bonding of your kitty and you. Most kitties like it.
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I have given my cats the kind they lick off your finger. They loved it. It was brown, slimy, and smelled terrible to me, but they thought it was great. It cut down on the hairballs, too.
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My cats MUST be odd ...they won't touch that stuff that they lick off your finger! I started giving them some Pounce treats for Hairballs and no problem since.
It probably wouldn't hurt to take him to the Vet just in case if something else is wrong. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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I use Laxatone too, and it really works!

Shell, Snowball won't lick it off my finger either. I spread it thinly over his lower leg and paw so he can't shake it off. Cats hate that sticky feeling, and they will lick it off then.
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My cat absolutely loves the treats, so if you don't want to bother with a messy cream, or if you cat doesn't like the cream, then I would try the treats.
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Originally posted by Lorie D.
I use Laxatone too, and it really works!

Shell, Snowball won't lick it off my finger either. I spread it thinly over his lower leg and paw so he can't shake it off. Cats hate that sticky feeling, and they will lick it off then.
That is a good idea.. my cats dislike it too. My dh just spreaded it on their mouths. They had to lick on their mouths then.. I know it sounds mean but spread on their legs sounds less mean to me.. Umm
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Hi all, I have given my cat Laxotone, and visited the vet...and called and he seems to think nothing is wrong with the kitty. However, even after Laxotone she has been gagging/coughing everyday for almost a month!Nothing ever comes up! But I cant sleep and she cant sleep so we need some help. Does anyone have anymore suggestions. I think I will try the Pounce hairball formula to see if that helps. I just want my kitty to get better.
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I would take your cat to another vet for a second opinion. A month seems like a long time to be coughing and gagging.

When you give your cat Laxatone do you do it more than once. I think it says on the label to keep it up for a week. Max hates it, but I put it on my finger and swish it in his mouth.
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When my cat had his first hairball problem, when he was coughing he was not pooping. I took him to the vet and then started the laxtone and he finally pooped and coughed up a hairball
Now he gets the medicine twice a week, he has long hair and I clean his litter box daily to make sure he is pooping everyday.
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i really dont mean to alarm you but my sister had a cat doing that coughing thing and it was a problem besides hairballs, you should see a vet. and if they say wait a month see another vet, coughing could be a heart problem, ask the vet about it. dont get all frecked out though i really dont mean to scare you, it may be hairballs, but for the safety of your kitty i would want some tests run to rule out some things. hope everthnig is fine, like i said im not a vet, just going on from past experience.
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he went to the vet about a week ago for an eye problem and they said more then likly hairballs. Heart and lungs sound okay and he didn't feel any blockages. He also checked for uti and said that was okay. He hasn't been doing it often latly so hopefully it was just a hairball.
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Bailey is 2 1/2 years old, but we've only had her three months. I feed her IAMS adult hairball remedy dry food as a steady diet. She likes it and I have never had trouble with hairballs.
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Maybe I should go to a different vet, but its such a hassle . I went to the pet store today and bought some Hairball control food and some pounce treats. I dont think she likes those treats. OH and I repeated the Laxotone treatment as directed. I wish she would get well...she poops and eats and plays as normal but it just wont come up!
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if your kitty keeps this up, i would see a differnet vet no matter what it took, kitties well being is first in my book, hope he gets better
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