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UTI not curable?

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I have a friend who just told me he had to put down their cat because she had an incurable UTI and they couldn't stand her peeing blood everywhere. He also was told that she was in pain. it sounded like the right thing to do, but I thought every UTI was curable. Are there some that have abosolutely no way out? I want to know people's opinions on it. I think I would have done the same thing.
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I'm pretty new to cats and all my experiences are based on ferals. So though I have little exposure to health issues, I think this sounds strange. The only thing I can imagine is that the kitty had a UTI condition that went untreated for so long it became untreatable. But what do I know? I hope someone with more experience can fill us in!!!!
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I'm going to move this over to Health. Perhaps Sandie will have a good answer.
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I've never heard of an incurable UTI..interested to hear what other have to say.
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I don't think they just let it happen. He is very caring and likes cats. He just told me that the vet said it couldn't be cured and that the cat was in a lot of pain. It sounded really sad. I'm curious if a UTI can spred or something like that. If it was more than just an infection, then it might not be curable.
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I think it may have been that the UTI had gotten so severe and they couldn't afford surgery. There may have been crystals in the bladder that had turned to stones, if the stones won't pass surgery is required. This is very painful for the kitty. If the surgery wasn't in the budget then putting the cat to sleep would have been the only humane option.
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It is possible he was afflicted with FLUTD Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease which is in essence a reoccuring form of UTI and unless you opt for surgery it will just keep coming back. It has two forms and in the most severe form if the cat has a build up of crystals that are not taken care of then the toxins and the potassium builds up in the system and the cat can die from it. Diet can help to some degree but it cannot cure it if the cat has the Obstructed Form of the disease. Sounds like this cat was either to far gone, or the owners simply did not want to spend the money for the surgery.
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I'm really not sure, but as far as I know, surgery couldn't even help. I think they would be able to afford it, so I don't know. I stopped asking questions. The cat just died about a week ago. He told me yesterday, and I didn't ask any further.
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What can happen and does at times is the UTI can cause some kidney damage that is fatal. Something like AIDS dosn't kill anybody but it can cause other problems that can.
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I found out from another friend that the cat was in need of surgery, but that it was really expensive for them to get it. Thank you Dragon Lady. You were right, but thanks for all the info.
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I may be completely off subject here.

I had a severe Kidney-Bladder infection that almost killed me back in 96. It took 2 years of treatments at Shands Hospital in Gainesville FL to clear these awful infections up. I had to go once a month when UTI was in a lower stage and twice a month when it was at it's worse. I was on antibotics($300 for 30 pills) daily for one year.

It may be hard to clear up a UTI but it can be done. I know that noone wants to see there furbaby in pain so if the cat was PTS then it may have been for the best. I know at times when I was so sick from them that I wanted to die on more than one occassion.
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If so, if the cat was bleeding that much to where it was troublesome to the owner, I would think there was more to the story.

This problem in cats, dogs and humans is sad- but education, proper nutrition and lifestyle changes can promote positive outcomes(in some cases), when it comes to problems related to this subject. Although having a Doctorate doesn't always qualify a Vet to know everything, I'd like to think in most cases, the cats health and well being is thought of first.

But it's always best to research yourself too, and get more than one oppinion. It's possible that the cat had cancer, or tumorous growths. But sometimes bleeding can also be caused by blockage of the urethra, and in some cases, a life can be saved by a good doctor, if certain things are done.

My cat is now 9 years old. It's been 5 or 6 years since my cat had this particular problem, and could occur again in the future.

He also has epilepsy, but I am no less glad that I had the money to spend at the time(7-900 dollars). Sadly, rats are considered throw away animals- and I beleive my research is starting to prove that a rat not properly diagnosed, died of blockage, which under different circumstances might have been saved, if diagnosed properly.

Anyway, my point was, always get more than one oppinion, and try to find a specialist...
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I'm not sure what the problem had escilated (spelling I know) to, but I do know the cat required surgery to correct the problem, and the hamilt thought that it was too costly. I'm not sure how much it costs, but I know they weren't ready to pay for that, so they had to put him down. They didn't want him to suffer anymore. It was a uninary tract infection.
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