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payback.. lol

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My cat has this thing for stalking me, hiding, and then jumping out and scaring the crap out of me. He does it all the time and it drives me nuts... So the other day I hid underneath a chair and when he walked thru the door I jumped out at him and yelled "boo"!! Poor guy almost jumped out of his skin LOL his expression was priceless. I wish I had a camera, it was soo funny..
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Ha ha ha! That is funny.
Steven plays casing games with our cats, he hides and they find him and they chase eachother all over the house.
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Just loved the visual image!
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....so I do that toooo . When I come home from work the first thing I do is give Loki a little wet food so I can change out of my work clothes in peace. Then he get's brushed ( this is the only time he let's me) and then the chase is on. Up and down the stairs, all around the house - he flyes over couches and chairs, crawls under beds, etc. until I collaps. I don't need to go to the Gym - I have a cat!!!
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LMAO @!!! omg your post almost made me fall off my chair

*reads it again
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Thanks for sharing the funny stories
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awwww poor kitty
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Ha Ha If I did that Tigger would just run under the couch and hide! Roo would roll over and say "Please give me tummy rubs"

There's no exersize in this house!
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