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marking in litter box??

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I have a problem with Leo, he has never sprayed and was fixed at 12 weeks. But he has always had this problem of oopsies with the litter box of standing at the edge and little pieces of poop falling on the floor, and somtimes pee. so I eventually got a large closed litter box (recommened by the vet) and no more oopsies, but with the closed one it looks like he is spraying the walls because the walls have pee on them high up above the litter, and sometimes even goes through the crack from the cover. Is this normal? has anybody else cat done this?
It not a big deal, just leaves more odor cause you can't cover it with litter (so I must wash the pans alot), and the wierd thing is when I am there he pees normally (usually when I go to clean it, he pees before I even get to start scooping) so what do you think is going on here? Marking? Behavioral? He has been given a clean bill of health by the vet!! I have never been able to catch him in the act, but no its not my others because I have had them isolated with separate litter boxes and they never have oopsies...(I have seen him oopsie many times, but not spray!))
should I worry about this? Or just be happy he isn't spraying anywhere else but his litter box?

oh, and he is 10 months old...
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Has he been to the vet recently? Spraying oftentimes indicates a health problem
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Loki does that some times and he is in good health - he just went to the Vet for his annual chekc-up abt. 2 weeks ago. Don't know why ??

But if he has not been to the Vets lately and good once over can't hurt to rule out any physical cause.

If it turns out is behavioral here is a litter box that could help!


Hope this helps
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The female at my parents house sometimes does that too! I think it may just be a result of not squatting down far enough.
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One of mine does that too..not daily but every once in a while. Im not sure why he does it but I've thought it might have something to do with multiple cats sharing litter boxes....causing him to sometimes "mark" the inside of the box.
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Hello603...hey, that might be a nice box for some of those who have trouble with their dogs eating out of the cat boxes. I bet a dog either could'nt get in there or would find it too difficult to bother.
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yes he has been to the vet and is fine, the vet said it's probably marking (behavioral), and he also does it just sometimes (not every day but around twice a week) and I think perhaps it does have something to do with multiple cats sharing boxes...

Thanx for all the replies, it's good to know he isn't the only cat doing this!

that litter box is something I haven't seen before, interesting, but I don't know if they would like going in from the top.....anyone ever try it?

the covered box isn't giving me problems, because luckily when he sprays it's the back wall or sides (not opening)...only when it goes through the crack between the cover and bottom, do I have to tidy up the floor too..
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