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I was curious, is Lactaid (Lactose-free milk)safe for my cats to have?
I have an elderly cat lady with hardly any teeth and she loves milk so much(I stopped giving it to her when I was told it wasnt healthy) She gets wet food and chopped meats but I'd love to be able to give her the lactaid for a treat every now and then.. she's old and she doesn't get to do as much as she used too.. Is it safe?

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You would be better to give her CatSip made by Whiskas. It is not only the lactose in milk that is sometimes hard for the cat, but the additives the fda requires in cow's milk that is sometimes not a good idea. Catsip is made specifically for cats and would be a better choice for her.
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My cats love Catsip! They have to have a little every morning, when my husband is making coffee. Yesterday I was at petsmart and they had a larger size of cat milk and it was for senior cats, I didnt take time to read the box to see what made it different, and they also had one for kittens and adult cats that was cheese flavored. That one doesnt sound too good to me.
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