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LOL, we went to see this last week at the drive in -- we were in two vehicles. You are supposed to turn your key to the 'ACC' position to hear the radio, well my car didn't seem to have that position and wouldn't turn 'backwards' (key) so I just turned it slightly forward. After about 4 hours (we saw Finding Nemo also), the radio started going off every few minutes.

My mom and I sat there and said, "Wow, that's weird," but did nothing. So finally towards the end of Pirates, it really started going off a lot with my dashboard lights. My mom had to holler over and flag down my step-dad's car because he and my son had the windows up and were laughing so hard at the movie, they weren't paying attention.

Finally he told me to turn my key off right away, my battery was going dead. So I did, and we had to watch the last 20 minutes of the movie with no sound!! My car wouldn't start once it was over, but luckily I had jumper cables and it started up after a jump.

Oh, and earlier in the movie, I had been trying to adjust my dashboard lights to turn them down, and I accidentally turned on my car lights and didn't know it. This burly security guard came back after about 10 minutes and I realized as he was walking back and shut them off. He wasn't happy!!


Anyway, I loved Pirates and I Johnny Depp's character was really cool and much different than I thought it would be! But I wish I had seen it in a theater instead.
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I absolutely loved this movie! I am a detail junkie, and during the first sword fight, did any one else notice how the swords rang in counterpoint to the score.that won me over right away. (as if I needed any help with J.D. in it!)
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I heard it was a good movie. My friend saw it last week and loved it! I guess I better go so I don't feel left out!
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Here's one of the movie posters. *sigh*

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And another one:

I'm really supposed to be writing up a lesson plan and reading for my class, but this is more fun. Guess it'll be a late one tonight.
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Saw it again yesterday, and liked it just as much as the first time. This will be one I buy when it comes out on video.
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Latest word is that it will be coming out on video and DVD in early December. Just in time for Christmas! Not that I could wait that long. Hubby saw on his pretty reliable DVD news websites that it is supposed to be a double DVD set, with something like 4-5 HOURS of extras! That's one set I will watch all of the extras on!
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