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Pirates of the Caribbean

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We got to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night, with a bit of trepidation because it is a Disney film. We all know how cheesy Disney can get, and add pirates to that it could have been disaster! What we didn't realize is that it is a Jerry Bruckheimer film (producer of Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, executive producer of the TV show CSI).

I have to say, I loved this movie! And not just because of the good looking men as the stars (Johhny Depp & Orlando Bloom), but that certainly didn't hurt. The movie is 2 hours 20 minutes long, and I was never once bored. The plot was strong enough to carry the movie and keep it moving forward. There was action, romance, humor, adventure, great special effects - everything you could want in a movie. Johnny Depp was great, and SO funny (and looked so very good as a pirate! *swoon* ).

It wasn't a thinking-man's movie to be sure, but it was FUN. At the end of the preview the audience applauded - something that certainly didn't happen at the end of T3.

Oh, and just to entice some of you ladies, here's some still shots of the movie.

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Oh that movie surely is on my list. I was always a fan of Johnny Depp - remember him in 21 Jump Street. ......and I love Orlando Bloom - he is yummy.

The other movie that is a must see for me will be the League of extrodinary gentlemen with Sean Connery - another one of my favorite actors.
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How did you get to see it? I doesn't come out until Wednesday here.
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Ginger, hubby works as a DJ, and sometimes the club gets preview movie passes to give away from radio stations and other sources. Since he knew I really wanted to see this one, he made sure to grab one. Thing is, they almost always give out more tickets than they can possibly seat, so you have to get there an hour or two before the movie starts to get a seat. Most of the time they are for the critics' viewing and they want a full audience to see how the general public responds. This movie seems to be having a bunch of previews, though, and I'm wondering if Disney is trying to get the word of mouth thing going (which in this case worked, since I'm coming here to tell all of you guys about it!)
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Oh ok We have plans to go see it Wednesday night. I am really looking forward to it, especially now
Thanks for the review and the pics!!!
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Hmmm - good point - did you have tickets to a pre-screening???? The official opening is June 9.
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I've been waiting for months to see this movie and now that it's out maybe we can go this weekend. Would it be too scary for a mature 6 year old who doesn't believe in ghosts?
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SWOOOOOOOOOOON! I would marry J.Depp in the blink of an eye. So hot!! Orlando Bloom is nothing to overlook either!

I am going on Wednesday for sure, I have the day off and I'm gonna get there early to get the best seats. Yummy.

In the preview the special effects looked really really awesome.. I'm so pumped!
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Ericka - check out the stills from the movie at: http://us.imdb.com/Gallery?0325980 There's some really good shots of the special effects used on Geoffrey Rush's character, and that's the scariest part of the movie. The only thing is, there's about 50 of the skeleton dudes running around and fighting. It is rated PG-13, and I thought it would be OK for most kids (but then again, I don't have kids so it's hard for me to say. LOL )

Helen and Cassie, I SO agree about Johnny Depp. He is so..... *drool*
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I am soooooooooo excited to see this movie!!! I can't wait.

thanks for the review Heidi!
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I love Johnny depp.. Don't know who orlando bloom is but I'm assuming another hottie I can't wait to see this film, I hope my bf will get over my J.D. obsession and take me
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JD is such a Hottie!!!! * Fanning myself over here*
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I would love to see this movie!!!
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Yum! I like Johnny Depp. I've been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw a preview for it months ago. Tim and I always wait to see a movie in the theater after it's been out awhile, so I'm sure we'll see it soon!

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I'd love to see this film, just to look at Johnny Depp!! He is sooooo HOT!
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For anyone interested, here's the addy to the movie's home page. There's all kinds of cool stuff on there - and a lot of very good Johnny Depp images.

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Johnny Depp has an accent in real life. I never knew this until I saw him on a talk show a couple weeks ago.
Where is he from??

Orlando Bloom is a cutie too
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It said in his bio on that site that he grew up in Florida and moved to LA with a band before deciding to try acting.
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Saw the movie last night and loved it! I thought it was funny and full of adventure, and gotta love Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. I thought I would have trouble getting used to Orlando without pointy ears and blond hair, but no, he looked incredible.

Annabelle, Did you see Lord of the Rings? Orlando Bloom plays Legolas. Here he is in that role.

Johnny Depp really made the movie, he was so quirky and offbeat, big surprise! I loved his character
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i have the first LOTR but have yet to see the second.. I had no idea he was in there lol!

I saw PoC for the second time 2 nights ago (well the first time it was the second movie at the drive in and we had to leave halfway thru because bf had to get up at 4am for work..).. I think I'm in love with Jack Sparrow (and I don't mean Johnny Depp tho I think he's a hottie).. His character was such a self confident jerk I loveeee him. I mean seriously I keep walking around all swaggery and stuff saying "I'm bloody Jack Sparrow.." LMAO..
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I can just picture you swaggering.

J.D. does walk to a drumm of a different beat, but somehow he makes that very very very attractive.

Have you seen him in Chocolate - I loved that movie!!
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omg I looooved Chocolate!! It's one of my favorite movies Always made me hungry though.. and not for chocolate!! (yummy jd..)
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oh my gosh I feel like a giddy teenager up in here!!! Slumber party!!!! 21 jump street was my fav show!!!!!!! droooooooling all over. And Orlando is a hottie as an elf! yum yum for the elves!

thank you for your 'review', this is one that my hubby wanted to see but with baby in tow, we'll wait for dvd post more drooly pics of JD and OB.

Maybe we can get Kim and Chris and whoever else to do pics of their kitties in the action shots?
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oh yeah, coco, I think I saw the same interview of JD, he did have an accent, which I think he picked up from living in Paris for the past couple of years to raise his children away from the hollywood scene.
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Question for everyone....

Can y'all help me find the still shot from the movie where Capt. Jack looks over his shoulder and grins? You know which shot I'm talking about. I had it in Entertainment Weekly, until hubby was cleaning up and threw the mag away. I've looked where I can think of online, but I can't find it. That has to be my favorite shot of the whole movie!

And is it just me or would you guys have done things a bit differently than Elizabeth on the island???
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I love when jack did that finger thing on her shoulder when she like fell on top of him. She must have been absolutely out of her mind to not take advantage of that.. I think I would have waited a few days before trying to be rescued so we could have some hot rough pirate fun on the island..

I hear disney may make a sequel or even make it a film series type thing--I hope so!
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Oh THANK YOU ANNA!!!! I'd hug you if you were here!!
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Can't wait to see it. Orlando Bloom makes me purrrrr like a kitten!!
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gotta love that man !!!!!
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