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Ma? or anyone else ho wants to read

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Did you get my pM I sent you yesterday?? My memaw has been very very sick...maybe I shouldn't say sick, but last year in March of 2002, my memaw had an angina attack..this is close to a heart attack, and not sure the total differences between the 2, but she has been having more chest pains lately.she is on some heart medication to control this...My parents had gone to visit her over the weekend, and my mom at first told me they just wanted to see her and spend some time with her,,,she didn't tell me she had been having chest pains again...well, my dad ended up driving us down to Fort Smith for the day yesterday, and he told me the reason why they had gone up there...I just wish my mom would tell me when things like this happen instead of thinking I can't handle it or something...I don't know...maybe she is the one who cant handle it, I mean..she is her mother, but that is my memaw, and I want to know if I need to see her and spend time with her before she passes away..er birthday is this Friday, and she will be 93 years old...she has lived a long fulfilled life I tell ya....I know I can handle something happening to her better by that instead of being upset that my mom thinks I can't handle it, and not telling me about it....and dealing with the fact that she is about to die or has already died......I dunno..I guess I just wanted to vent.....just say a prayer for her would you that she continues living until at least her birthday..........thanks!
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Sending lots of prayers from Down Under, mate. From what I know, angina is less of a concern than a heart attack. Young, healthy people can get angina as well as middle aged and elderly people. Angina (angina pectoris) refers to a temporary chest pain that is caused by not enough blood getting to the heart. It may be a feeling of tightness, heaviness, dull discomfort, numbness, burning, pressure, or crushing pain that is usually felt behind the breastbone. It is usually treated by sublingual (under the tongue) nitroglycerin tablets.

And a quote, "Over 4 million Americans have angina, but the majority of them have learned that by controlling their angina through use of medications and certain changes in life-style, they can live long, productive, and active lives."

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Kathy I got your email just haven't had the time to respond. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Mine died 4 years ago and I still miss her terribly. I do know what you are going through and there is little I can do but pray.
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I will keep you and your family in my prayers!
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Praying for you and family for sure. Hope things get better hon.
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((((((( Prayers & Hugs ))))))))
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I'm so sorry to hear that your Grandma is ill! I do hope that everything is ok for you and Grandma very soon. Please know that I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.
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Will you be visiting your grandmother for her birthday? Bring her many happy memories!
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Yes,I plan on driving to Fort Smith on Friday and we will bring the kiddos too as long as she is feeling well....she has her bad days more than ever now, and it is so hard to see her weak as she has been thanks for all the prayers and well wishes everyone!
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