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Heard something funny today.

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You all might remember MeiMo (the tiny kitten in my sig) who's now growing up to be a big, handsome orange boy. I heard today from his mum that her two girls (aged 6 and 8) dress him up every now and again in old baby clothes and he doesn't mind a bit! Even when they put a cute, pink frilly dress on him! Don't worry, the girls know not to hurt him or continue to play dress ups with him if he doesn't want it but apparently he just sits there and let's them dress him in whatever they want. ROFL

The best part, the younger girl is particularily fond of him and feels she doesn't get to spend 'quality time' with him so she's come up with a solution. She carries him, under her arm, into the toilet, shuts the door, sits on the floor and talks and sings to him for ages! Apparently, he just lies there and purrs!
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That is so sweet! Im glad that he likes being sung to!
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How sweet!
It must be wonderful to hear back about your babies & know they're happy.
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It sure is. Helps me to keep doing what I do, especially during all those 2-hourly feeds, especially at 1am, 3am, 5am...LOL

I took pics when Liquorice (now named Reggie) came to stay for the weekend recently and will post them as soon as I get them developed.
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OMG isn't that just the best - so glad that he found such a great home.

I always knew that orange boys are just so sweet, loving, laid back. Perfect for a home with kids.
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Zoey yeowls when I sing to her
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Awww that is wonderful to hear Tania. Sounds like MeiMo found a life long partner with his soulmate singer .

None of the men in my life like my singing. They all run for cover when it starts.
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Tania, that's so cute! Sounds like a wonderful little boy.

(P.S. I also think it's hilarious that ANY thread you start has the Vegemite ads from Google at the bottom!)
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Cats can be such sweeties.
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Sounds like he is well loved (and that he loves them in return).
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Heidi!! Please help me!!! Google are following me around trying to tape Vegemite ads to my butt!!

I got Reggie's pics yesterday and will scan and post them tomorrow.
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Awwwwww! heehee that's so cute
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kids are great aren't they? That's so cute!
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