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What kind of browser do you use?

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I was using Internet Explorere, but it was soooo slow to load photos and images, and I was getting impatient with it. So my techie boyfriend suggested that I download Mozilla and try it out.

OH MY GOD! It is SOOOO fast and images load in a blink of an eye. I'm thrilled with it so far, and it is also much more smooth and easier to navigate.

As it is right now.. if I have no problems with Mozilla, I'll probably never use Internet Explorer again.

Good Riddance!
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How do you get Mozilla?
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You can visit and download it for free! It really is an excellent browser.

It has 'tabs'. These are for when you are browsing more than one site at a time. It won't open a 'window' and put it on the taskbar. Instead it makes under the 'address' bar, and to make a new tab you can just press Ctrl + t.

Also, when you download it. It automatically imports all your bookmarks that you have on Internet Explorer into Mozilla so you don't have to remark all those pages.

I really am enjoying this browser!
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Hmm.. my internet computer know all geeky webby techie friend told me it makes no difference what browser you use, bandwidth is bandwidth, and loading times shouldnt be effected by type of browser. And he says IE is still the best so I have to believe him
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I have to agree certain browsers are better than others..I was using IE for a while, but we had problems with anything with java in it, so we have netscape now and I will probably not go back...I have noticed a big difference too in it...
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I use Internet Explorer. There are so many things that Netscape is not capable of, and there are a lot of sites, that you can't see everything on, when using Netscape. You don't even know it, until you look at a site with both browsers. I know you can't even view my website with Netscape. It won't even allow the page to load.

I'm interested in Mozilla- but I worry that it might be similar to Netscape, and I know that Netscape uses something with Mozilla.
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True! Mozilla is a part of Netscape!
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I use Mozilla, and love it. My favorite feature is the tabbed browsing. It is SO handy!
And being free is a good thing as well.

And one browser really doesn't download faster than another, it is just bandwith that determines that. Now, MS has this thing where IE is partially stored open in memory, so IE appears to open faster than say Mozilla that isn't, but once they're both open, they should run the same.

The other thing about browsers is that it's true, sometimes you can't view the same things between IE and Mozilla. But for the most part, that's the web developer's fault. Many design their pages only checking the browsers that they use, and I believe IE is still being used by the majority of users, so that's what a lot of developers develop for. There are differences between the browsers, and web developers have to take that into consideration so their page can be viewed by any browser.
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I'm using Opera ( It calls itself "the fastest browser on the planet." And yes, it really is faster than IE! Transfer speed is the same, of course, but it is more efficient in how it loads information. It also uses tabs, but it has many additional features as well. You can zoom in, which is nice when you want to see a picture better and especially when you get one of those sites with itty bitty text. You can block any pop ups, which is great. The best feature, in my opinion, is mouse gestures. This allows you to navigate with the mouse. So if you want to go back, instead of moving your mouse to hit the back button, you just right-click and shift your mouse to the left. Same thing for going forward, but the other way. If you want to open a new page, just right click, move mouse down. It saves a little time, and after using it for awhile it just makes things so much smoother that it's hard to go back to the normal way of surfing. Oh, it also has a search field in the toolbar, and you can customize which search engine it uses, but by default it uses google. You don't have to go to google first and then do your search. This is just another small convenience that I miss when I use another browser.

The only limitation is that it sometimes has problems with pages that are optimized for IE. In that case, there's also a browser called myei2, which just runs on top of the normal IE but adds some of the features available in Opera, like mouse gestures, tabs, and ability to block pop ups, but it has all the functionality of IE. I have the install file, but for some reason I can't get to the site I downloaded it from.
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I have had a lot of problems with IE. Craig has also. I was just complaining about IE because I was trying to look at Bonnie's kittens (In Val's thread) and iE was taking FOREVER to load it. I'm on a LAN with Craig and his computer is right next to mine. He is on the same network (the lan) as I am and we use the exact same connection and HE was loading the pictures immediately, where as I sat here for over 2 minutes waiting for the photos to load.

He was using Mozilla and I was using IE. He has been on me about downloading Mozilla and trying it because he hates IE. It produces and processes errors terribly and IMO it's much slower to navigate through multiple pages with IE.

I'm not an expert about browsers so I can't say if one can load faster than the other, but from MY own experience. Using mozilla the photos and images are loading faster than they were when I was using IE.

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Weeee, just found out that Mozilla also has the pop up blocker. I'm in heaven!
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
Weeee, just found out that Mozilla also has the pop up blocker. I'm in heaven!
Yet another reason I love mozilla!
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I'm currently using Internet Explorer 6.0. I tried to download Netscape but couldn't find exactly where to download it from, I'm succsessfully downloading Mozilla at the moment.

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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
I was using Internet Explorere, but it was soooo slow to load photos and images, and I was getting impatient with it. So my techie boyfriend suggested that I download Mozilla and try it out.

OH MY GOD! It is SOOOO fast and images load in a blink of an eye. I'm thrilled with it so far, and it is also much more smooth and easier to navigate.

As it is right now.. if I have no problems with Mozilla, I'll probably never use Internet Explorer again.

Good Riddance!
Like someone already mentioned, bandwidth is bandwidth and it hardly matters what browser you have. However, I'm inclined to think that you may have some invisible spyware or browser hijacking worms attached directly to Internet Explorer. They slow down your surfing while they're doing whatever it is they do. It's possible that you could have acquired them without knowing as well.

I recommend that you go to and download some software from there. Ad-aware is great, Spybot S&D is okay and Hijack This is excellent, but you have to know what you're doing. The other two you can basically click your way out of spyware. It's a pain in the neck, but I suggest downloading at least all three and getting someone to help you with Hijack This if you're not comfortable with that kind of stuff.
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OhMy... Mozilla has just finished downloading and holy sh*t is it fast, IE is outtta there and Mozzila it is !!!!!!!!!

I highly reccomend at this stage!


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Netscape has tabs and a pop up blocker too. I know Mozilla is a Netscape thing but I wonder what the difference is between the two?
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I'm not sure, but I'll ask my s/o. He'll know. He's a guru when it comes to anything tech-related. LOL!
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I think it's the same as Netscape. I downloaded Mozilla and it basically uses the Netscape browser. Let me know what else your s.o. says!
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I know that Mozilla and Netscape were pretty much the same, but I don't think it is anymore. I'm gonna read up on and find out. I know that you can view pages that are NOT netscape compatible with Mozilla. I just went to HopeHacker's webpage and it loaded instantly. I also went to it with Internet Explorer to make sure I wasn't missing anything, and other than taking longer to load the page was exactly the same.

I'll get back with you when I get done researching mozilla history and let ya know the relation between Netscape and Mozilla as soon as possible
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I use Opera as my browser.... It's is fast, fast! I LOVE it...

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I use IE from windows XP, which as fas as i'm concerned is the best version of windows yet..
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Well I found out a good bit.

Mozilla is NOT Netscape. The company "Netscape Naviator" funded Mozilla because it is an 'open source' browser, and their browser wasn't. Some of their employees were supplying the code for Mozilla. It is a completely different code and completely different search engine.

That is why it looks similiar to Netscape. It is *not* Netscape. They stressed that greatly. are the people that organize this and such, and there are actually hundreds if not more people that work on Mozilla for free. Help them with the bugs, code, etc. So in essence Mozilla is being worked on by a ton of people.

Netscape just paid the
so they could work on it.

Btw, Netscape was bought out by AOL. Just like everything else.. lmao.
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I d'led mozilla but it seems to be the same as ie in terms of speed.. I'm gonna test it more tho
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I think I'll give Mozilla a try. If it's not like Netscape, then that's great. I've never been a fan of Netscape.
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I just downloaded Mozilla and tried it out, by looking at my own web page. At a glance, you might not notice the difference, but from what I can see Mozilla works just like Netscape. It does load my page, and it does load it quickly, but Mozilla just like Netscape doesn't have the capabilities that IE has. For example: I wrote my page with a stationary background, meaning that the background doesn't move, while the text and graphics do move. I think that's such a neat effect. Viewing it on Mozilla you don't get that effect, the background is not stationary. Also, I used some Java Script to have little twinkles follow the cursor, and with Mozilla just like Netscape, that effect doesn't work. Also, I wrote my scroll bars to go in various colors to match my background, which also doesn't work with Mozilla. You can view my page, and you can get the general idea, but as far as all of the cool effects, you can't get them. I also had to download a few extra plug ins to make some of the things work on the page, and they sent me to get a Netscape plug in-so on the whole, I didn't find a lot of difference between Mozilla and Netscape, except I think it's a much lighter program that Netscape, but basically I think they are about the same.

I have a pop up stopper, that I use for IE, and it works perfectly, so I still think IE is by far the better browser as far as viewing the webpages better and more artistically, but I do agree that right now, while it's brand new, Mozilla is a bit faster.
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I use IE. I think it's okay. I don't think I've ever used something other than it. I never put any thought to Netscape (which is the only thing I knew about).
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