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Newbie...well sort of...

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Hello! My name is Christine and I'm Illusion's sister. I registered in May and I don't really know why I never posted. Anyway, I'm getting my kitten soon! His name was going to be Hobbit but then I had to change it because it was to close to "Fidget" and my dog came running when we yelled Hobbit. So his new name is Rowan. I attached a picture. Illy said that it will go to the bottom of the thread, but that's the only way I could post the pic, since geocities won't let you post bandwidth or something.

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What an adorable little guy! Rowen is a doll! Don't you just wish there was a pill you could give them to keep them that size?
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Welcome! What a beautiful cat. You'll love this site!

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What a sweet little guy. All the best with your new baby.
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welcome!!!!!! what a beautiful little baby! how old is he?
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! Any friend of Illusion's is a friend of ours! And welcome to Rowan as well! What a cutie he is!

I'm happy to meet you both; and I look forward to your posts!


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:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:

Welcome to you and your beautiful kitty ! hope to see lots of you !

:blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Illusion has done a good job keeping us up to date on the development of your new kitten. he is so precious.

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Christine!!!! What an adorable picture of Rowan!!!!!!!!!!!
I am glad you have joined us here! Illusion is one of our favorite people here! And any sister of hers is a friend of ours!!!!!

Tell us more about yourself!
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I would also like to extend my welcome to you, I am also fairly new to this forum. Please come often to talk and hang out
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Christine's sitting right here next to me and says THANK YOU all for such a warm welcome.

We will be MIA for a few days, as in just a few hours the computer is going to unhooked and stuck in a corner somewhere because we are re-carpeting tomorrow and Thrusday.
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Welcome to the site! I hope your computer is up and running by now!

What an angel Rowan is!
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I'm positive you'll enjoy it here!!! Stay around and let us see some more of beautiful Rowan adn youself!!!!!
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Welcome!! Rowan is a real cutie!!!

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Welcome to the site! Rowan is a beautiful kitten! I look forward to more stories and more pictures!
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