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cat mites

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I am wondering can cat (ear) mites be transfered to humans?
The reason I ask, is my sister in law just got a kitten & the kittens ear was dirty.not sure if it is mites or dirt...
She is taking the kitten to the vet to check, but in the meantime I am itchy..maybe my active mind.....also i have 2 cats & I dont want them to get anything..My cat are indoor cats..so if i got the mites then i am afraid my cays will get them from me.....IF thats what it is
I think i am the only one who is scratching lol...
first post sorry to be confusing

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Hi bruce and welcome to the forums. I am far from any expert, but our article on mites talks about them being transferred to dogs, but nothing about humans.

Ear Mites
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I have imported cats from overseas with earmites before, and I think it would be pretty safe to say that cats can't pass on Ear Mites to Humans.

Welcome Bruce
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Thank you for the info & thank you both for the warm welcome..I am sure i will be here ALOT with my 2 little ones..this is a great site...& you seem to very nice & helpful..I will spread the GOOD word :-)
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My Pleasure. I hope you stay and join in the fun here!

Do you have pictures to share?

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Hi Sam,
Yes i have some older pics..I am getting some new ones this w/e ...my 2 are 2 years old brother & sister..& are from a BIG dad..these two weigh about 20lbs..I am only on webtv.so I am not sure if i can post the kitten pics..but I will work on it..
I just moved so I am getting things set up...
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Hey Bruce!

That's so neat, I would love to see them when you have time.

What are your kitty's names?

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