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Bonnie's Kittens Thread (updates, pics, also why you should SPAY your cats!) - Page 3

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the black one didn't make it
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OMG Val! I'm so sorry! Words cannot describe how terrible I feel. What is going on? You've lost 3 little precious babies and Hissy lost Bartee. My heart just hurt right now for you all. Please know that I'm here for you and my heart is going out to you right now.
Hurts as bad as if they were my own.
I'm so sorry...
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thank you shell. i just hope things start getting better for everyone. These three little angels never really had a chance. They were born to a very sick mommy that couldn't care from them. Neo has an eye infection and I think sebastion is sick too Bonnie has a chest infection things are just such a mess right now!
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Hang in there'll get better soon!
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What cuties! I like the names too. Bless you for taking care of them!
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the vet assured me it wasn't in my power. They were only up to the weight they should have been born at when they past away. He side inbreeding, no care well pregant, sick mommy, and stress just aren't a good mix. i still keep thinking what if, what if, what if. I just hope I can save her She did try, she really did, the last two days she would lick them and let them nurse but they wouldn't so she would push them away. Or they would put there mouth on the nipple and not suck so she would push them away. I thought it was her fault, but I guess she knew they were sick
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Ahhh Tammmie they all died

I'm SO SORRY Val, It seems as if everyone's life is turning to custard at the moment, mine included

We love you here and we care about you!

Mega Hugs!

Love Sam.
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things will get better for all of us. they just have to! We are too nice for them to stay bad
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I hope you are right Val!, All we can do is keep praying and hope everything works out ok.

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Val, I'm so sorry everything is in such chaos right now. And I'm sorry I didn't see the post that the little angels didn't make it. For some reason they didn't show up when I made my post. That's happening a few times to me lately and now I feel bad, especially this time. Bless you for trying to pull these little angels through and for giving them a good home for the last little bit of their precious lives.
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Hi all you angelic rescue guys,
I read this thread and it actually gave me hope despite the sad outcome. Sorry to hear the babies did not make it but I breed pedigree cats and sometimes I get so very sad when I see the little waifs that end up in the pet shops ..... some so tiny they should really be with their mums.

I don't know what would happen to the little cat people that ir-responsible people allow to come into the world without you angels to salvage them or attempt to salvage them. It must be heartbreaking work and I know that I could not do it. thank you so much for being so caring.

I would like yout o know that I appreciate all the rescue centres and the dedicated staff and in my corner I make sure that no kitten leaves my yard un-desexed as I do not want to be responsible for adding to the suffering.

From my heart - THANK YOU ALL.
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