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Bonnie's Kittens Thread (updates, pics, also why you should SPAY your cats!) - Page 2

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I can't say I blame ya Val. If it doesn't look like the mommy kitty will do her job, I would step in and do it myself. Those babies need good care, and you will be a great mommy for them if Bonnie won't do it.
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Val I would invest in a pet heating pad, or even a few hot water bottles, something that retains warmth, but don't use a human heating pad. Set up a small box that the kittens can lie in big enough for mom to lie in there as well if she is so inclined- but don't force her. Put in some stuffed animals, take the PET heating pad and put it under some toweling and at least keep them warm. I have even used pop bottles in a pinch, filling them with almost steaming water- but to hot and it will melt the plastic, so you have to know when to stop. Fill the bottles, wrap them with some sort of towel, tape them in place and put them in the box to generate heat.

Don't be hard on Bonnie, I am sure that if she felt better she would be the mom she was meant to be. You can try Snow with the kittens but supervise that because she may now want to be a mom quite so soon.

Best of luck!
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thanks hissy, i'll try that. I'm just so disappointed in her. I want her to feel better and I want her to take care of her babies. I know that it is more then likly my fault because she was moved so soon after giving birth and that makes me feel really really bad. I cleaned her with a warm wet towel this morning and she seemed to like that. I'm goign to try to spend some time tonight with just her and see if maybe i can cheer her up.
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we got home and they were nursing!!! Hopefully she will keep it up!!! I guess bottle feeding gave the babies enough energy to make them nurse
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Keeping the Board magick comin at ya!
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TCS BM really works!! Keep nursing little babey's

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WTG Val!!

Keep nursing babies!!!
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More magic coming from CA!!!
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she ate alittle on her own first time since she had been here!! And I was cleaning her with a damp towel and she started purring. I sure hope she starts feeling better soon!
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Sending more healthy vibes to your kitty family. I hope they are playing in everything soon.
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turn for the worst. We are bottle feeding everyone. We should have started doing it full time a few days ago but they LOOKED like they were nursing and they weren't crying. The feel very thin, she isn't eating again, and i'm just really depressed right now they will be go to work with rich and I. I think i'm taking two and he is taking one.
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That's Sad Val

You might give them a better start in life then Mummy-Kitty though!

More Prayers from NZ!
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Hand-Rearing Orphan Kittens.

Oprhan kittens must be kept in a warm , draught-free enviroment. They have no ability either to lose or gain heat, so you must control their body temperature for them. Normally, the precise temperature control is acheived by snuggling against the mother and amongst the other kittens. For the first week in their lives the temperature should be kept at about 30-33oc .You can then gradullay lower the temp. every few days so that by the time the kittens are a month old their temperature is down 7oc.
Heating can be provided by an overhead light or heating coil, but it is better to use a heating pad. Allow about half the area for cooling off if they become overheated . The bedding material will become soiled and wet and should be changed frequntely . Something that is washable or disposable is indicated. We prefer towelling but you could use newspaper, old sheets, even a lamb skin if you like.
Give the kittens a source of warmth that will substitue for the mother and that can snuggle against- for example a well wrapped hot water bottle. This has to be replaced every three hours during the night.

BTW. In here there are also chapters, FEEDING the orphan kitten and Weaning the orphan kittens if you would like me to type them out
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Val, good luck hon and I'm praying for the entire kitty family and you and hubby. Keep us updated please.
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When you can and when they're a little healthier do you think you can post pictures of the babies and mommy kitty?
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I would love to see pictures as well, but only if they are healthy enough and if you have time

MORE BM!!!!!!!!!
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Gosh I just read this thread, those kittens are absolutely precious.. I really hope they make it
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here are pics of each of them.
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I think we just lost hally
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OMG Val, I hope not!!!!
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Hally is gone we were going to keep her And of course rich isn't home. He is going to be completly heart broken.
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I don't even know what words to say. I know how I felt when Lilith lost two of her kittens within 48 hours of their birth. There are no words.

Know that I am sending you and Rich both tremendous hugs. You know how to reach me if you need to talk.
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I'm so sorry to hear that.
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Val! That's so sad , I hope the other 2 are alright! You have my blessings. with love


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Val, I'm so sorry hon. Don't give up. The other two are still there and still need you guys too! She is in a great place now and is awaiting her family to join her.

You guys did what you could and thats all that matters. Stay strong hon. (((((VAL)))))
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we lost cally last night around 9:30. The black one is doing okay though. He is at work with rich today and is being bottle feed. We are taking the mother to the ER, stress related or not she needs to see a vet. I can't wait for her to calm down anymore.
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I am very very sorry, Val.. I know your job is very stressful to take care of kittens. You did everything you can.. My heart goes for you and Rich..

lots of hugs...
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Oh My 2 gone that's just so terrible

How's the black one today?

I'm so sorry Val, you have my sympathy!!!!

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I pray that Mommy and Maui will make it. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost Hally & Cally. That just breaks my heart!
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