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Bonnie's Kittens Thread (updates, pics, also why you should SPAY your cats!)

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I'm taking care of a kitty named bonnie. She had kittens on wednesday and was brought to my house on thrusday. She is one stressed out kitty right now that doesn't want to be a mommy. I'm having to force feed her so she can produce milk for the babies, but it looks like we are going to have to start at least partly bottle feeding them.

The kittens are:
Cally the calico she is 3.3oz today
Hally the tortie she is 4.1oz today
and Maui the black kitty is 3.5oz (I think, i'll have to weight that one again.

Pics coming soon. they are all dirty because she isn't doing a good job on cleaning them, so i guess i'll be bathing them to a wet wash cloth.
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Here is hally (because she is halloween colors) I beleave she is staying with us hubby loves her.
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on scale
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here is maui on the scale
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and her is cally i'm really worried about this one.
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here is hally's face.
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How precious! Bless you for taking them in! You will get repayed with big rewards for all that you do!
I do hope that they all strive and get healthy. Did I miss what's wrong with Cali? Hope she gets healthy soon!
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They're precious! I do hope they get big and strong.
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What a trio of beauties The are precious! I hope that they all get big and strong and full of mischief that only cats can do.
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Wow! You are such a kitty angel honey! Gorgeous kittens Cally is a stunning van

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cally is dropping weight I bottle feed her alittle today and then i put her back with mommy, if you can call her that and she actually nursed alittle. So Hopefully if I can bottle feed and give her alittle and then she nurses alittle she will be okay.
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Even if her actual Mother isn't doing a good job, you sure are! Keeping Cally in my thoughts and sending get healthy vibes from Nebraska!
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Sending only the best vibes from the captivating cattery

hang in there cally, we are rooting for you

love 2 u val
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awww...they're so adorable! You're such an angel to take care of them! I hope they turn out just fine and find wonderful loving homes.
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They are precious! I am sending Cally good vibes!
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Bless you, Val and Rich, for taking such wonderful care of these kitties. May Bast shower you with Brightest Blessings.
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So Cute.
I hope Callie starts gaining her weight back.
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Kittens do drop a little bit of weight after birth, I hope your kitten will be OK. My prayers are with you. I know what you are going through.
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val you keep those little ones warm okay? Please know (as we have discussed) they are not out of the woods yet and won't be for some time. If you can get Mom healthy and she can start nursing again, that would be the best thing, they need her milk, but if she is sick the milk will be tainted depending on what is wrong with her. The not eating and the mucous in her stool has me concerned so were it me I would bottle feed those babies every 2 hours. Is mom grooming them or are you stimulating them?

When you wash their faces, use a cotton ball soaked in warm water, get the big cotton rolls and break off a new piece for each kitten. Wash them gently and don't leave them wet. Invest in a pet heating pad and put it down in the box with the kittens under a soft towel to help them stay warm.

Best of luck, you know how to reach me. I am praying this family makes it
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Thanks hissy. We are trying to keep everyone warm and the little calico got a cotton ball bath last night. The mom seems to be making them go potty but she isn't cleaning them good. Mommy stopped drooling and now has runny eyes and is stuffy. I think she has alittle cold. She seems to be getting better. I'm hoping she gets better soon because her babies need her more then anything. Although I think they are starting to think I'm mom. When ever i picked up snowwhites kittens they would scream, but these kinds just snuggle with me. I'm so worried about them.
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Val, it is nice of you and hubby to take this family in. You'll give them the best care you possibly can, and we will send you guys Board Magic.

I'm praying for the entire family to pull through this. Good luck and keep us posted on how they are all doing please.
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aww..they are soo precious!
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How wonderful of you to foster these babies! Sending healthy and grow babies! energy to the kittens, and stay strong energy to you, Rich and Mama Cat.
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Val, wow i remember you when you only had two cats.. Now you have tons of cats and you are becoming a expert at taking cares of kittens and cats.. BLESS YOU and Rich.. I really meant it!

You should go to vet school for cat specialist only.

thanks!! I also admire Hissy that she knows a lot about cats.. I am very happy.. I hope the mamma is feeling better somehow so hope she can take care of kittens..

good luck
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i hope they are okay too
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How's their condition at the moment?
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not good, black and calico are in a towel next to her but she is not paying any attention to them. Rich is stopping home every two hours to bottle feed them
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Oh Val That's so sad, I'm so sorry! I hope they are alright!

Sending MAJOR get well bubby vibes!

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thank you, I'm scared we are going to lose the two little ones. Maybe she is ignoring them because they are sick? Although she isn't doing such a good job with the tortie. I just want them to grow up to be big kitties I think i'm just going to start taking them to work with me. If bonnie doesn't want to be a mom. then I will be one!
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