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At last - it's the weekend!

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That was some week! I've been working 10-14 hours a day!

So glad it's the weekend ! We're going to visit my in-laws today (great people!). We're moving in as their next door neighbors in 3 weeks time so we're also going to check out the new house! This is so exciting!

I'm in a chatty mood Let's ramble together! Tell me what you're doing during the weekend. Oh, actually I'm going out right now so I'll "chat back" later today. It's 11 AM over here, I bet most of you guys are still asleep anyway

Have a super weekend everyone!
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Come on people - isn't anyone doing anything interesting on the weekend?
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Now Now, I just got home from the cat show. Now I can share my weekend. We had a very busy but fun weekend. We took the 5 cats with us and went to a very nice judges dinner on Saturday night. Our female munchkin did very well against the other ones, she had a few 4th and 5th places. Then our altered Male munchkin got several 2,3 and 4th place awards. Our new Pesian didn't get many ribbons, but he is young and his ears have not come down yet. He did keep getting 2nd best of the breed though. Now for the good stuff...our black short hair household pet got 1st's all over the place and to top it off, the Mayor of the town came to the show and picked her as the cat she would most likley take home. So Bridgettte got the mayors choice award! Then our Tinkerbell which is a longhair household pet got mostly 1st and then at the end of the show, she got best of show in the longair class and then best of the best in longhair and shorthair. I was so very proud to be owned by both!! Now we are winding down and putting all the unpacking off until tomorrow. I hope everyone had a good weekend as well!!
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Hi everybody,

Sandie was right, it was a great weekend! Our Cat Show was the best we've ever had. There were so many wonderful cats there. The dinner was delicious. My Siamese-mix, Maya Laquita Lin won second best of the best in household pet kitten. She loves the attention. Right now she's playing with one of the toys she won at the show. I can't believe she's not passed out from exhaustion. I know I'm about to. Our next show will be held in August (will let you know the dates)at the Middletown Elks Club again.

Sandie and Ken should be proud of their cats. They are real winners! Congratulations again guys!

By the way, Sandie forgot to mention her daughter Kylee's reaction to the Mayor's Award presented to Bridgette. When the mayor announced that Bridgette was the cat she would most like to take home, poor Kylee started to cry thinking that the mayor was going to take the cat home. They had to explain to her the mayor was not taking the cat home but was giving her an award. Now that's one of the books!

Hope everything in the nursery is going well Sandie. Keep me posted.
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Wow! This sounds like a very exciting weekend!

I'm so happy for both of you! You have every reason to be proud of your kitties. Now, I'd love to have cat pages for those winners!

That's a funny story about Kylee - she sounds so sweet! How old is she?

We only have cat shows once or twice a year. The major cat show is in a couple of weeks. I'm not showing my cats (they're far too shy) but I like to go and look at the cats. I hope I can go - we're moving a week later and I think we'll be packing on that weekend...
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Kylee is 6, she really is cute. She even took her persian to the ring when she could.
Yes, shows are fun to go to. Bridgette the one who won the Mayors choice award is VERY shy. It is not always based on personality, as long as they are healthy and do not bite, they do well. You really should try taking one someitme just to get a ribbon for them. I am working on getting one for every cat.
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Is scratching alowed?

Gezer is an absolute scardey cat and won't let anyone he doesn't trust hold him...

Mishmish is our warrior princess, and if she's not in the mood she's bound to bite and scratch (with an impressive soundtrack of growling and hissing ) She also really doesn't like being around other cats, though this could be a territorial issue. She definitely doesn't like it when we bring strays home - she turns into our little Mrs Hyde without even seeing them (we keep them in a separate room of course).

There's a HHP category in the coming show (they didn't have one last time), so I'll keep a close eye to see how the "non-pros" are doing
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Well, the best way I think to judge, is how they act at the vet or groomers. They tend to act out more at home because they are in their own enviroment. Nails, are usually not a problem because they have to be cut before you go. As I have said, you never know until you try. I would pick the less likley to bite though...
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