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Pix of Isys newborns (Abyssinian babies) <3

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Just want to share Isys' newborns -- they are so tiny and lovely!

There are three altogether -

1. Fawn - nicknamed "Sky"

2. Blue - nicknamed "Hermes"

3. Ruddy - nicknamed "Rhett"

They were all born during the very early hours of 28th of June, 2003, 2 days after my birthday, and nine days after Daisy's birthday.

i have been weighing them everyday, and today, 7th of July, 2003, both of Sky's eyes opened completely.

i am thinking of keeping all of them. That means i have SIX kitties now, instead of three!! :flash:

i found the babies at about 5.30am on 28th of June, 2003. i got up to go to the bathroom, and checked the babies after. i was really shocked that Isys gave birth already. i bawled like madness, as i felt bad i wasn't not there holding her hand!

Apparently, Isys elected the cave bed as her babies' nestle bed. She rejected the other nestle bed i prepared for her.

Isys cleaning her babies:

/to be continued
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This pix was taken in the evening. i had to change FIVE towels that day:

Before i forget, Teresa, thanks for your email. i finally got to open my mail box at yahoo today. Hope you will enjoy the babies' pix!

Here is Sky n me:

Isys nursing the tiny little lovelies:

/to be continued
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Awww, I want a baby!!! They are so cute, I have one Aby already, Bakari, he is such a sweetie.
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i transferred them to a nestle box, lined with quilt, heat pad, towel, and a pillow sheet. It is definitely luxurious bedding.. teehee!

i had to do it as their eyes will open this week, and they will start wandering outside the cavebed.

They are only ounces in weight! i had to get a postal scale from office depot to weigh them everyday, to make sure they are gaining weight, etc. Rhett (ruddy one) has a big head. i named he/she after Rhett Butler. As you can already guessed, i do NOT know their genders yet.. teehee.. !

Isys has been a pretty good mom so far. i am so proud of her and the babies!

Hermes on 5th of July:

Here is Sky on 5th of July. Her eyes are the first to open of the three. Here, only one eye is fully opened, and the other is half-opened. Today, 7th of July, both eyes are fully opened! She can see!!

Cheers and enjoy the pix, folks!
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Oh My Gosh Shirley they are sweet! I didn't realize they were so close to being born! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures!
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I am so glad that they are all here and going well! I'm sure the breeder will give you the paper work so you can register them and show them They are just Beautiful. I know you are so proud of your girl! Great Job!
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Thanks, Mary Anne!!

Sorry i have not been around, and has not even started getting the ts and sending them.. i have been busy with the kitty stuff and my hubby is gone, and i am feeling the blues lately. i really like this site, and am excited to share Isys' newborns' pix.

i hope to take Isys and babies to future cat shows.

i noticed you surpassed the 10,000th posting mark, and i noticed so many new comers already. Wow!! Congrats, Mary Anne!

i lost touch with many, including Cathy and Angel... please keep in touch, fellow feline lovers!

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Thanks, Teresa for your concern, etc, you are so nice!

Yes, i heard from the breeder that Hermes <blue> would do well in shows.

i have been worried sick about everything lately, cos Isys' first litter of three all died within weeks (neonatal). i kept checking on the babies, to make sure they are alive and well, ever so often. The breeder told me the babies might do well in my premises.

i am a worry wart, so until and unless these few months passed and the babies are assured of survival, i am going nuts. Please pray that the babies are all going to make it! Thanks so much!

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oh what cuties!! and what a good mommy
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Thanks, Val...

Yes, i must admit my Isys has been pretty good in nursing and looking after the tiny lovelies so far. i am spoiling her like madness so far!

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you are SO lucky! I have a mom right now that isn't even cleaning the babies and isn't to thrilled about nursing them either Make sure you give her lots of kisses and tell her what a good momma she is!
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Congratulations -- the new little ones are absolutely beautiful! So, the father was also an Abysinnian? I bet they are going to be very gorgeous when they grow up!
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Thanks, Amy, for the congratulatory note.. yes, the father is also a pure bred, his name is Dakota, and he is a fawn Abyssinian as well.

Thanks, Val, for the kisses for Isys, i am sure she appreciates it! She adores kisses and hugs on a daily basis! All my furbabies do, actually.. teehee!

i just praying they are all able to make it. This is a pretty critical time for the little lovelies. Yes, i call them three "little lovelies".

i am transferring Isys' CFA papers over, and i hope to process the kittens' papers later. First, they ALL have to make it.

Who is to know the cave bed i got for Daisy and Venus from Mimi of Mimiworks would turn out to be a birth place for the little lovelies?

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Oh Shirley! I'm so happy for you! They look so precious and healthy. Sounds like Mommy's doing a great job! Please give her loves from me and my three amigos!
Can't wait to see these little one's grow up and becomes such beautiful creatures.
Congrats once again and please, don't be a stranger!
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Wow! Shirley they are truely something, really sweet, thanks for sharing

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Shirley, they are too adorable for words!!!!

Sending kisses to Isys and the little ones.
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Shell: Thanks for your well wishes! Thanks so much more for your love.. it is so much appreciated! i adore cat site pals like you, Shell.. even though we have not met, i know you are such a precious being! You truly are!

Sam: Thanks, sweety!! Please continue to keep in touch! i hope to take them to cat shows later. Hopefully, all three will go for it, teehee! Rhett (Ruddy) is a whiner. The other two have sweet temperatments, just like my Venus. :flash:

Sue: Thanks so much! Do you remember when i first posted at TCS? You welcomed me then. How time flies! It has been four months! Isys and babies receive your kisses with thanks and love!

Many sweet smiles and cheers!
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My dear, thank you so much for the kind words! The feeling very mutual and I'm so glad that we've "met". Maybe someday we'll get to meet face to face? Until then, I'm so very happy to have become friends with you. You bring much joy to not only myself, but to many many others!
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I have been wondering where you've been lately. Isys is sooo pretty and it looks like she is a great mommy too. Her babies are absolute angels.

More pics please!!! I'm in love.
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Thanks, Cassandra. i really have my hands full lately!

Here is a pix of Isys nursing the little lovelies:

On, 7.9.03, all three kitties have their eyes opened fully!

Here is Hermes at 12 days old. Hermes was about 7.5 oz:

Sky was about 8.5 oz on the 12th day. Sky is pretty quiet:

Rhett resembles Isys so very much!! Rhett was about 9 oz on the 12th day. Rhett loves to whine when picked up, and i can see some of Isys' spoilt traits in Rhett.. teehee!

Do enjoy the pix and cheers!
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Isys looks SO content!!!
They're adorable!!!

I'd love to have six kitties....
The more the merrier!!
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Absolutely breathtakingly cute!
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Will you be selling any of the kittens?
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OhMy They are Fab.. So cute
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Love mum and baby pics and these are little charmers. Congratulations!
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Suraya: Isys is really spoiled. She basically gets what she wants. i have been roasting chicken for her, and she craves for it! Teehee!

Shell: Thanks again. These little lovelies and so fragile. i check on them almost every hour!!! Quite tiring i tell you! i also wake up in the middle of the night to check on the littles ones. Hope you receive my card and pix soon!

Hope: The little lovelies are still very tiny and within the crucial period stage. i hope to take them to CFA or TICA shows. i hope to keep all of them, unless things get out of hand around the house!

Sam: Thanks, love!! They are getting a little fatter by the day! i weigh them every evening.

B.K.: Thanks! They charmed me through and through!!! :flash:

Angel, these pix are for you, as it is your birthday today! Here are pix taken minutes ago:

This is them at day 15, on 12th of July, 2003, Saturday:

It is REALLY difficult to take pix of them, as they kept moving around!

Many cheers and happy weekend!
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Awwww! They are lovely ,so so so so fat and cute
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Hey Shirley, How's those babies? Got any pictures to share?
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