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Hey, everyone! I am Riley and I am close friends with (and trust me, even being friends with my cat is amazing) Mini, the ruler of the world and the "Devil Cat". True to her name she is Mini. She has one left eye and will kill anyone who touches her. She is nice to me because I went on vacation for 6 days and she doesn't want me to do that again. My dog hates all cats and all cats seem to hate her. Mini especially. Now Mini is a persian, Domestic short-hair mix. Her fur is medium length. We know she is a persian because of her eyes. Her favorite toys are things with catnip. I'd have pics, but my pic site is getting some changes. So that's it about me and Mini.
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Welcome Riley and Mini!

I know that you will both have a lot of fun at this site. This site is too much fun!
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Welcome to the site Riley and Mini! Yes, we would love to see pictures of the "Devil Cat"! I bet she doesn't look like a demon. LOL

Enjoy your time here, and be careful - it is VERY habit forming!!!
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Welcome! I love demon cats
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Welcome Riley! How can you tell your girl's a persian? because of her eyes eh what about them(shape.color?)

Your kitty & doggy sounds cute!
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Mini is white. I'm not sure how to tell if shes a persian by her eyes, but a lady I know who has like 12 cats said that she was. I've always also thought Mini was a persian. Just because of the long fur and I don't know. I just always guessed Mini had persian in her.
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LOL Ok I have white persians
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