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Litter Robot >review<

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I have recieved my Litter-Robot 3 weeks ago. I have been emailing a lady that has had hers for over a year for questions and opinions on the Litter-Robot. I have got all green lights on her thoughts of owning one. Here are my own opinions on owning a true automatic cat litter cleaning box. I own three cats....two are purebreed Ragdolls, and the third is a mixed breed (rescued) by me. As much as I hate to admit it....I am a lazy person when it comes to litter box maintenance. I can't stand the thought of scooping my cats two litter boxes daily. It was easy for me to put it off 2-3 days at a time. I am a former Littermaid owner that tossed it in the garbage after a month of being pissed off at the high maintainence on the rake cleaning of this unit to get it to work properly. I have done alot of research on automatic cat cleaning boxes for 3 weeks before deciding to spend the money for the high cost of the Litter-robot. Let me tell you......I have not had to scoop a stinky smelly cat litter box in three weeks . It is worth every cent of the price to me. What a great invention it is. I cannot speak highly enough about the litter-Robot. The unit looks like a mini cement mixer for cats...with all the waste being dumped into a kitchen trash bagged lined drawer that you empty 1-3 times a week depending on how many fur children that you have using the unit. I just pull the bag out 2 times a week, and twist tie the bag and toss it in the trash easy! The company offers a 45 day return policy that if you or your cat does not like the Litter-Robot in any way...they will give you a full money back refund minus the you can't go wrong. The Litter-Robot also has a 18 month warranty on it for parts and labor. The company sells parts for the unit if ever needed. This is no fancy deposable cat box that you throwout after a year or two. The company offers good product support via toll free number. The Litter-Robot I would say is 1/3 as noisy as my Littermaid. The Litter-Robot was also just named "best cat product" on 6/26/03 at The Litter-Robot can be found at just read the "testamonials" from the people that own the unit. If you can afford it...I would highly recommend the Litter-Robot...PS...I do not work for Litter-robot in any way.......I am just a very very a happy customer.
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I ordered a litter robot about a year ago. It was amazing! Sadly, my cats are all adopted ferals, and it was just too strange for them and they refused to use it.

I am writing to let everyone know that the Litter Robot people refunded me 100% of the cost when I sent it back. They were extremely friendly and did not complain even a little bit about my returning the product. I sure do wish my cats weren't so skittish, because it is a wonderful product!

So, if you have a bit of extra money lying around, go ahead and buy one. It is a risk free investment!
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That is so cool! How much did you pay for it? Is there a lot of technical set up for it?
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Sounds great! I dont mind scooping Zoey's poop out .. since she's an only cat But if I had multiple cats I would probly consider it!
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There really is no technical to just place the drum on the base....plug it in, and fill it with litter. It took me 10 minutes to set it up.
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Here's a pic

I think Zoey would be like what the heck is that!? LOL.
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Thanks for the "review". I've been wondering about the LitterRobot for quite a while. It would make a terrific Christmas present for my sister's kids - they are constantly fighting about whose turn it is to clean the litterboxes, and it often doesn't get done. I got them a "LitterLocker", thinking it would make things easier, but the 15 and 16-year-old are still battling (they have one cat each).
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