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tuna fish

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I've read a few places where it says don't give your cat tuna fish, but no one explains why. Anyone out there know?
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Here is a link that explains it pretty well:
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Thanks for sending this very informative article.
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Your welcome
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hey chicka my name is vaness too. my munchkin about went crazy when mom amde some tuna fish stuff but she didnt feed her any.
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I read the article and was left under the impression that we shouldn't feed our cat a diet of tuna fish. I didn't see any reason not to feed it tuna but that it may not provide your cat with good nutrition and some cats have become addicted to tuna. I have fed cats tuna as a treat for years. I don't feed them tuna if you see the difference. I guess it becomes a personal choice but my diet has many things in it that has very little nutritional value to it and I eat it. Sometimes I eat things that are unhealthy for me. Using science as a tool I can find fault with most any human diet.
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Vaalerie..I agree. An occasional treat of tuna is fine. I beleive the article was based on the dangers of feeding large amounts of tuna all the time or feeding it as a main diet.
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Very useful.... THANKS!
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I believe that there is a high mercury level in tuna fish as well, which is too high for cats. (I didn't check the article so it might mention this.) I think as an occasional treat, a very small amount is fine though.
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