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Where on the web....

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....can I find those filters for covered litter boxes? They don't sell them in town any more and I cannot find them ANYWHERE. Not even PetSmart.com. Eerrrrggg!
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I buy them at walmart...do you have a walmart near by?
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I got a bunch @ 99-cents each at K-Mart about 6 months ago, but they didn't have any of them last time I went in, and no trace that they were going to re-stock (no price tag or empty hanger bar) In town we have a K-Mart, an Albertson's and a Rite-Aid. Wal-Mart is about 40 miles from here in Bakersfield. I'll check next time we go over there.

I actually found a website that sells them for 99-cents ( http://www.petguys.com ), but when I went to check out (I was going to buy 20) they were going to charge me $9 for S&H *lol*

I have a few already, but my litter box takes 2, and with my sister getting a kitten in a few weeks I want to make sure I am stocked up on them since we have another covered box which uses one.
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I'm stumped, what kind of litter box takes a filter?
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The covered boxes have filters. You can usually make a makeshift filter if you can't find the right ones. The best thing to do is wash the filter out and let it air dry and re-use it. That's what I do. Or go to a hardware store and buy the same kind of material the filters are made of and cut it down to size.
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You can find them at Petswarehouse.com on this page:

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They are available on PetsMart.com as well. Just go to the main page of this site - www.thecatsite.com - to your left there's a PetsMart ad. Click on it and you will get to their site. There, either go to the cats section or run a search for "cat litter box filters". If you do that, I get a nice 10% commission (amd you don't pay anything extra)
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