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Eosinophiliac granulous complex

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I hope I spelled that right, without looking it up...anyway my cat Emma has it, it is only her paws, hopefully it will not get any worse, she has had it for a year. at first I thought she had been stung by something, a scorpion maybe, because her paw pad was sore looking, and kind of raw, also she had been licking and chewing on it, I guess it really hurt her. when it happend to another paw then I knew it had to be something other than a sting mark. the vet biopsied it and then gave her a shot, and put her on 10 mg of oral pred every other day.
now the dose is 5mg.
please if anyone else has a cat with this or knows of one, email me, I would like to talk to others about it.
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I don't have any cats with the problem, but have seen many cats treated for it. Most of the time, they are caused by something they are allergic to. If you can pinpoint the allergy, then they will go away or stop growing. Also, they gave seen them happen just because of heredity, and those you just have to treat. Steriods are a common anti-inflammatory, and help with allergies. You can also try supplimenting the diet with 3v caps from DVM. It's an omega 3 fatty acid suppliment used for skin problems and allergies.
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My cat was diagnosed with it 2 weeks ago, she had a puffy swollen bottom lip and had a corizone shot and is fine now...hers was an allergy to fleas. Took her for a recheck yesterday and she is fine and did not need another shot, i just have to be dilligent about the fleas. It is Elsinophilic granuloma complex, do an internert search and you will find tons of pictures and info.There are 3 different kinds of it, my cat has eosinophilic type.
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