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Thanks for the Hugs Sicy!

Love you!
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Sam, I am just now seeing this. I'm sending thoughts, vibes, and prayers to you and your Sophie. She'll be okay, and it's good that yu worry. It only means that you love her!

You and Sophie are definitely in my thoughts.
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
My friend had a black exotic and he had the same problem(but it's a bit more serious with males) and they didn't make him pee and 2 days later he dropped dead b'cause of kidney failure...
Dropped dead?? that's crazy!!! can't they get a catheter in them? If only to empty the bladder?

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I have only been on here a week or so now (actually probably alot less) - but everyone is so great here - its like a big big family.

I guess some of you would know each other well

anyway the meaning of this reply was to send


thinking of you

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Sam, I just saw this thread now! OMG!!! Any new word from the vet? Sending major get-well-Sophie vibes!!!!
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Oh no, poor baby girl. How is she doing????

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I'm so sorry!! Sending lots of get well vibes from pennsylvania.. Let us know as soon as you can how she is..
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The vet didn't ring me last night about her condition, they said if I hadn't heard from them by the morning I was to ring them, I'm going to ring them in 7 minutes.

Dropped dead?? that's crazy!!! can't they get a catheter in them? If only to empty the bladder?

Yes, I know Tamme it's so crazy, they left poor Bumpkin un supervised and didn't stick a catherter in him, it was very sad, he was everyone's babey!

Thanks everyone for the hugs, vibes . I will let you know in (now) 5 minutes, I'm really nervous. I hope she's ok!!!!

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I have just got off the phone to the Vets Nurse and she said Sophie had slept in her litter-box, where they were trying to get the urine sample from and pee'd on her bedding so they couldn't get a urine sample, I'm going to ring them at 2:00 pm to see what the situation is , it's 8:10 now. They said she really wanted to escape from the cage , Hopefully she comes home soon!

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I knew dogs got them, but I didn't know cats did. I was just reading this and I realized that that is what my cat had about a year ago. At the time I didn't know why she was running to the litter box every five minutes. I thought that she was constipated, but now I know what it really was. I did take her to the vet and they put her on anti-biotics. She got better, but was always able to pee. It wasn't that bad. I was really scared for her at the time. My thought are on you, so keep us posted. It can be scary, but not every cat dies because of it. I actually didn't know how serious it was at the time.
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The same thing that's happening to Sophie happened to a friend of Nana's cats last year they thought she had a urine infection but she was actually 'calling' (In Season) and didn't know what the itching feeling was inside her. I hope it's just that.

Thanks. Sam.
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Sam have you heard anything new about Sophie?
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She's peeing now BUT They can't get a urine sample from her, because she keeps going in the newspaper, so now in her cage at the vets they have 3 litter trays, 1 for her to sleep in, 1 to urinate in and 1 to take up space , I'll let ya'll know how it goes

Thanks for everything my friends at TCS, I love each and everyone of you!

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Finally they let Sophie come home , It cost a tonne but I'm just glad it's all sorted out , she's on antibiotics for a week, but it's so craaazy if she needs to go toiltet we have to run a tap as to mock going 'wees' LOL, Thanks for all the prayers it seemed to work coz she's home!

Thanks Again!
Love Sam.
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I am just now reading this about Sophie Sam..I am so sorry you had to go through all of this...I know you are young still, but you are such a strong person to stay up all those hours to take care of your little Sophie, that will just make you a wonderful mother to your human kids someday ya know? You are a wonderful meowmie!!!!
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I'm so glad to hear Sophie's better. You're wonderful to take such great care of her.
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Thank you Tess and Kathy!

It means alot to me, I went from feeling guilty to feeling proud that I could help this cat, Thanks Kathy! I really don't wanna have children just lots of cats , I dunno

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What I know about it and it may be able to help someone in the future.

The bladder is a distendable muscular sack or resevior used to store the urine formed by the kidneys until the cat is ready to eliminate it. Although the bladder is a relatively simple structure , things can go wrong. When they do, the result is often acutely uncomfortable.
Cystitis, meaning inflammation of the bladder wall, is a relatively common condition in the cat and one that can cause great irritation and distress.
Many cases of cystitis are assiciated with the formation of a coarse ,sand-like deposit.
Bacterial Infection is probably the most common cause of cystitis. Some bacteria are normally present in urine but do not cause problems under normal circumstances. It is when there bacteria are able to multiply, or if particularly pathogenic bacteria gain entry, that cystitis flares up.
The factor that favour bacterial cystitis include
* Urine stagnation: an important feature of the bladder's defense system is that it empties almost completely. Cats should urinate three or more times daily, literally flushing out bacteria and wastes before they have time to do any damage. If the cat cannot (or will not) empy it's bladder reguarly then bacteria have a much better chance of multiplying to gain a foothold. Such a situation could occur if the cat dooes not get to empty its bladder. For example the cat my be reluctant to go outside if it is raining or too cold. Or there may be a partial obstruction of the bladder or perhaps a disturbance of a bladder function, for example due to spinal injury.
*Physical irritation of bladder wall from bladder stones.
*Iritation due to the bladder worm (these worms only rarely cause problems)
The first sign is usually your cat begins to urinate more often, sometimes in unusal places like in the bath or the sink. Only small quantities of urine are passed at each attempt. As the condition develops, the cat spends more time squatting and straining, perhaps scratching at the ground, twitching it's tail and looking around anxiousely. The urine is sometimes bloodstained and may have a strong,offensive owner. The straining can easily be mistaken for a sign of constipation. Many owners waste valuable time treating these cats with oil and purgatives.
Most cats remain fairly bright and continue to eat.Most drink more.
Antibiotics normally if an infection is present or suspected.
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