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What else can go wrong?

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I'm sorry I have yet another thing to worry you all about, so many terrible things have happened to me recently this is about my kitten Sophie

She has been trying to urinate for 13 hours now, could she have a chill , since it's snowing?

She's a girl, does it happen to males or females more often?

I have stayed up with Sophie all night and I'm so scared for her, she's booked in at the vets at 11:00 am that's in just over 2 hours, coz that's when the vet gets there, I'm really worried because I have had 2 males put down because of Cysitis(sp?)

Can you guys please send me some get well sophie vibes, I'm really sorry but i'm just real scared and net some body to talk to

love sam
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I'm sorry Sam..

((((((((((((( SOPHIE ))))))))))))))
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awwww tons of vibes to sophie and tons of hugs to you!
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Thank you guys! I have been awake for nearly 30 hours now, i worry my self stupid over the smallest things
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Oh Sam, I hope everything is alright. And that isn't some stupid thing. I would be worried sick too. Please let us know as soon as you get back from the vet.
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Only an hour and a half, I really wanted to go at 5:00clock in the morning but the vet was out doing horse calls, I only have to walk down to the vets coz it's in the same street.

thanks from sam & sophie
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Lots of good vibes to Sophie and encouragement to you. It's NOT stupid to be worried about your baby, but try to be strong for her, OK? Please keep us posted.
Get better soon, little girl!
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Oh Sam I just now saw this. Best of luck! Let us know what the outcome is.
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Sam, I am sorry to hear about little Sophie - has the vet been by yet?

Good thoughts going your way and Mega Hugs!
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Sophie seems really happy still and purrs & purrs( sometime cats purr when they are in pain though) and she's eating and chasing flies, but im still worried, we must go to our vets at leat 5 times a week coz we are paranoid and no we dont have a cheap vet.

I'll let you all know what happens, it's very worrying.

Thanks (((HUGS))), love from sam & soph
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I hope Sophie's okay! Let us know what the vet says! I'll be keeping her in my thoughts.
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I took Sophie to the vet and yes it was what i suspected cysisitis(sp?) they are keeping her in for tests and at 4,00pm we ring to go and collect her

paws, sam & furrys
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I am so sorry to hear that Sam. Get well kitty vibes coming your way.
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Thanks Val!!
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omg!I'm so sorry! I hope little Sophie is ok... I just got home and saw this.
Get well vibes coming from Iowa for you!
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Sam just saw this post! I hope everything will be OK for you and your girl! Best of luck at the vets!(((HUGS)))
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Thank you!

An anti-biotic shot and some anti-biotics will be right for her!

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Im sorry I dont know exactly what cystitis is - could you explain and how it is remedied?
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glad to hear she is going to be okay, i know what you mean about worry, but we must worry about are fury children, they need us
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Im sorry I dont know exactly what cystitis is - could you explain and how it is remedied?
yeah me too!
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Hey Kellye!

Click here for alot of information on Feline Cystitis, what it is how it's treated and to prevent and stuff.

Thanks Also.

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Sam, I hope she recovers quickly. We all worry about our babies, you're not crazy or paranoid cause you were upset.
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Thank you Bren .

There ya Sicy have a read of that and you to Kellye It's a but like a human urine infection.
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That explains it.

Thanks Sam and I hope Sophie gets better REAL soon!

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Cheers Kellye!

I e-mailed my friend before we took her to the vets and got this reply she really knows her cats,

Hi Sam,
Very quickly as I have to go and have my hair cut, but I am sure your girl has cystitis, has she been calling.
It is no where naer as serious in females as it is in males but she will need to go on anti biotics and another table called aciduric.
Don't worry too much I am sure she will be fine with treatment. Keep her very warm. You may have to put her alson on a special dry food PH manufactured by Waltham lab in the UK and distributed by Whiskas.
Love Cheryle.

Thank you to everyone!
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Hope little Sophie feels better soon!
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Sam, I just seen this! Hope Sophie gets well soon! Big hugs to you Hon! Stop worrying and get some sleep!
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Thank you Shell

I'm just going to go and have a bath and then be ready to ring the vets at 4:00, 50 minutes.

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Ok 30 minutes ago I rang the vets they put me on hold for 5 minutes and they said they were keeping a really close eye on her but she hasn't urinated yet so they couldn't let her go home, as i said we hav had cats with this before and they normally 'make' them go to get a sample but they are not doing this with her, My friend had a black exotic and he had the same problem(but it's a bit more serious with males) and they didn't make him pee and 2 days later he dropped dead b'cause of kidney failure, this is really frightning and I can't get her till the morning

I think I need some more vibes!
thanks love from sam & furfriends
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Dont worry she'll be ok! (((((((((( Hugs )))))))))))
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