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Is my cat obsessed with me?? :]

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So i have a beautiful calico kitty named Harles Barkley .. aka Harley :] I also have another cat "Bella", both of which i have had since the day they were born. Maybe thats why i feel like my cat is extremellyyyy bonded to me?? Let me just list the things that she does on a daily basis and maybe someone can tell me if it's normal or if my cat really is obsessed with me lol

Every single morning, as soon as Harley hears me moving around in bed, or hears my alarm go off, shes at my door scratching and meowing to be let in. (Bella doesnt do this)
once i let her in, shes jumps up on me purring soooo loud, rubbing her face literally against my mouth, and if i put her on the floor shes right back on me immediately.

shes follows me from room to room, kitchen, bathroom (sometimes she tries to jump on my lap when im peeing LOL) bedroom, anywhere i go shes right there.

when i walk my dog i look up at my second story kitchen window, and theres Harley's little face poking through the blinds meowing. she seems to concerned that im outside without her!

if i leave the house to run errands, it could be for hours, or minutes, every single time i come home shes at the door waiting for me and i get greeted with a sleepy 'meowwwww'

she will bring me her favorite stuffed toy once or twice a day, drop it at my feet, look at me and meow. i assume this is her 'kill' for me so i always thank her and give her kisses when she does this

anytime i get on the computer she INSISTS on being on my lap the whole time. purrrringgggg and if i look down shes just staring at me with sleepy blinking eyes. (yes shes on my lap right now as im writing this LOL)

at night when i watch movies before bed, shes always always always laying on my neck. its like she cant get close enoguh to my face, even if shes laying right on it!! and if i dont pet her enough to her liking she will reach her hand out and just look at me. its actually quite adorable :]

anywayss, i could go on and on about her daily cute routines but i think ive illustrated enough! is this normal cat behavior?? or do i just have a very loyal and loving cat ?? let me knoww :] thank you!
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Awwww, this is absolutely PRECIOUS! She sounds like she loves you very, very much. I think it is just her personality. 2 of my kitties are very much the same way, Osiris and Imhotep. Osiris is always incredibly lovey. I have also had him since the day he was born. He is always purring, giving me kisses and wants to be constantly with me. Imhotep was about a year old when he was adopted from the shelter and ANYTIME my lap is free, he is on it. Like right now, I have my laptop, and Imhotep is laying right beside me and will occasionally look at me as if to say "Ok Mom, is it MY turn yet?"
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I think HE LOVES YOU........LOL....i have a male & female white cat that i raised when their mother disappeared and guess i raised them up to think i was their mother...anyways my male cat does ALL the same things to me and he HAS to sleep with me EVERY nite on his side of the bed on HIS pillow...
some days guess when he thinks he is not getting enough attention he will reach his paw out to grab my hand and want me to pet him and follows me every where and always wants 'to help' with what ever i am doing...

So,guess what i am saying is i hope this is normal as my cat does it to me...

I think its cute most the time...LOL...
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That is so sweet. I think your cat is obsessed with you.
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Aw, Harley obviously loves you very much!
One of my cats is very affectionate. If I'm in the house she's like a little shadow & follows me everywhere. She sleeps on the end of the bed, then gets up when I get up and follows me into the bathroom. She loves to snuggle up on my lap and sleep if I'm watching tv or reading (I have a laptop which is not allowed to be on my lap as that's her place!).
Yes, he is obsessed with you but in a good way!
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I love reading about how other folks' cats are also obsessed with them. We have 2 cats. Zuul (a rusty black kitty) and Vinz Clortho (a black/white bicolor kitty). Zuul picked my boyfriend as her person, but she is definitely not as affectionate as Vinz. Vinz picked me... Lucky Me! We got both kitties at the Humane Society... not at the same time, we unfortunately had 2 sequential poor kitties with FIP. (that's another story.) We got poor skittish Vinz almost a year after we got boisterous Zuul. Vinz and I had a bit of a rocky start... at one point he took a big chomp out of my hand because of being scared. As a result of that interaction, he was (ahem.) thrown into the bathroom for a cooldown. (later on, I delivered food and water to him. It took a few hours to cool and he definitely hissed at me for a while) After a brief period afterwards, like an hour, he would flop in front of me with his belly shown. As if to say, I want to be petted and loved again. This has become his standard mo... every time I'm close or we are in bed, he will flop on his side and then on his back, ready for the scruffles.


Ever since then, he is my constant shadow. He sleeps either on me or between my legs or if I'm on my side, behind my knees. When he sees me, he puurs and trills... I trill back and we sometimes have conversations this way. He follows me into the bathroom (while I shower or do bathroom things.) He'll talk to me/trill after I am done. He also gets upset if I don't come home on time. This past week I worked a 12 hour day and when I returned home, he was basically upset with me for a little bit because I wasn't home on time... then started his night routine. He loves to knead on me, which puts me to sleep if I'm not careful. When I'm on my computer, he will reach up an pat my arm. When I go upstairs, he will either follow or race to get there first so I will praise him.


He doesn't really meow, but when he does, he does for me and it seems to be important.


Oh and he is either jealous, scared or indifferent to the boyfriend. He runs off when boyfriend walks in the room, talks or tries to make contact. Vinz let's me hold him and pick him up if I move slowly, rears up for me to pet him and allows me to trim his front nails... he is still a nervous/skittish kitty, but I have learned to move around him.


At first I wasn't sure about this kitty. Now, I am pleased to have him. I love him dearly and would be very sad to not have him in my life... my vinzy-boy, my sweet boy.

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Aww, how sweet, I think it's wonderful! My big boy is Mr. Independent. He doesn't like to be held very long, if at all. He has never sat in my lap. The first yr. he adopted me,

he would come lay on my chest while I was watching TV. He would fall asleep & I would watch him twitch his little paws & eyes as he dreamed. Oh, how I miss that!

He usually sleeps on the bed w/ me, & for a few months he slept up by my head, on his side of the bed, but a couple of weeks ago, he started sleeping behind a dresser I have in the corner. I said,"mommy misses you." ..Nothing.  Oh, well, I'm sure he will be back up on the bed w/ me...sometime, "In kitty time I guess." 



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Check out this webiste because i believe your cat is over attached to you which can lead to many problems 


I dont have any animals myself but would love them. am doing an animal course and stumbled across your post as well as the answer cause have an assignment to do with behaviours of animals. Thought id help out.


Hope this helps Loxcey.

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you may have to copy and paste the link rather than click it 

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It is quite normal for many cats. They have such a variety of personalities. Some cats show affection by sitting in the same room with you; others want to climb up and ride on your shoulders; still others want to see what you are doing and get their paws into everything. Some cats behave as though you are their kitten or their mom cat, bringing you "prey" for you to "practice" your hunting skills, or kneading and purring or even sucking on your clothing. If she is happy, then there's no need to worry!
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It's sounds like she loves you a whole lot. Which could very easily be obsessive love.  Consider that you are her whole life.

I have a similar situation with my pretty chunky kitty Myra. She is a beautiful tuxedo cat with the most symmetrical bandit mask i have ever seen. Such a cute chubby kitty. LOVE THE HECK OUT OF HER!

She is everywhere I am. I go into the bathroom and her cute little face is staring at me. I leave the house for 10 mins and come back to her, she gives me a loud meow which in reality is a scream. The first time that happened it freaked me out a bit. It kinda sounded like a toddler having a temper tantrum. After she screams at me, she then proceeds to follow me through out the rest of the day.

Almost as though she was afraid if she took her eyes off of me i would disappear completely. If I sit down she jumps up on me, but not my lap. She climbs up until she is laying on my breasts with her face tucked into me neck and she kneads me for ridiculous periods of time. Seriously she will knead me for hours at a time, which wouldn't bug me so much if it wasn't my bare skin get poked.

When I go to sleep it's generally to her amber eyes staring me down. I will wake up to her curled into my neck and her paws almost wrapped around my throat in a kitty hug. While it's very sweet, it also means I have to spend 5 minutes disentangling myself from her. Which she does not appreciate and will proceed to meow at me in a tone that sounds pretty bitchy. Almost like she is saying "How dare you seperate us!"


When i am about my business and truly need to concentrate she will lay on whatever I am working on. When I gently remove her from whatever she is interrupting, she will circle around and come right back. My nickname for her is Shark. She never lets me get away from her. I wanna get some little kitty booties with the Jaws theme. That way with every step I can hear "Dun nu Dun nu DUNUNUNUN DADA" Sorry it's hard to write out the Jaws theme but hopefully you get the message.

So do you think my fatty baby is Obsessed or just extremely loving fat sweet cat? (FYI she not really that fat but she is bigger than most of the cats i know)


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It sounds like she is very attached to you and loves you very much. Mine behaves very similarly to yours, and while it can be distracting at times, for the most part, I love it. I have some friends who are jealous of my total lap cat because their cats aren't cuddly at all.

Oh, and BTW, I know they're cute and cuddly when they're fat, but cats are supposed to be lean. Being overweight can put them at a higher risk for diseases such as diabetes, especially if they are being fed a high carb diet (which includes all dry food). So, if you think she's overweight, it would be good to get her weight down (just like for us humans).
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Yep obsessed! :nod:So Cute! My boy, Fievel is completely obsessed with me too. I work from home and he won't even allow me to sit at my desk. (as if it isn't enough that I am with him 24-7) He cries and taps on my shoulder, paws at me until I finally give in and lay down with him on my bed.



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