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hello from new member

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I am new name is Mary, I live in Arizona, I have 7 cats, 5 females and 2 males.
Muffin is a calico tortie(3yrs old)
Callie is a siamese mix (3yrs)
Louise and Emma are grey tabbies, 1 1/2 yr old littermates.
Cassie is a torite, with alot of cattitude, is also 1 1/2 yr old.
Leo and Charlie are 14 months old,both black and white, not littermates. Charlie is the only longhair of the bunch.
Emma has eosinophilic granulous complex(will post more about that in health)
looking forward to being a member of this site and posting/viewing cat pics!

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Welcome to the site Mary! There's lots of cute kitties to look at around here. Hope to see your babies too!
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Nice to meet ya' Mary. This site is GREAT! GREAT!
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Hello and welcome!
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Hi Mary. Pleased to meet you! I hope we see some pictures of your furry bunch, enjoy your time here but watch out this site is addictive.

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thanks everyone... I will post pics as soon, I see it is easy on this board. so let me go pick out a few...
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well it says the pic is too do I re-size it?.
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Check out the thread "How to Post Pictures" at the top of this forum for detailed instructions for posting pictures.
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all too complicated for me, I'm technically challenged lol and it is too much to try to absorb ino my brain! I will just have a friend make a webshots album and post the link in my signature...can I do that?
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welcome to the boards!!
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That's a good idea! Or you can use IfranView to resize them, I would be happy to resize some pictures for you if you would like, my e-mail is

Cheers. Sam.
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oh ok, then I will email the pics to you? thanks so much!
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This has to be the best cat site ever.... HI!!
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ok for some reason I can't send you email. something is wrong on my side...I will just get them on webshots then post the link.
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Can't wait to see the pictures! And welcome aboard!
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Hi I'm new here, but I'd still like to say "Welcome"!
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hi hope you enjoy your time here, it is a great place, and very busy also, lots of nice people here too. ENJOY
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Welcome to the best kitty site on the net!
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