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Help! Should we find kitties new homes?

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We (DH and I) have 3 cats, two female and one male. The male, our youngest, we're not having any problems with. The two females are a different story.

We're expecting a baby in a couple weeks, and there have been a lot of changes in our house, a situtation that isn't going to improve any time soon. Our female cats are clearly stressed by all the changes and have started urinating and spraying (one is urinating and the other is spraying) ALL OVER THE HOUSE. They're going on our furniture, the bed (one went on the bed right on me while I was sleeping!), the counters, dressers, table and even the stove. Oh, and, of course, the floors, baseboards and rugs.

This has been going on for several months now. Everything checks out fine at the vet - no infection, etc. One of these cats we've had for 5 years, the other for 4. We've never had these problems before, not even when we introduced a new cat, or when we moved.

We have tried EVERYTHING. We check nightly with the blacklight, Nature's Miracle the spots, Feliway, aluminum foil and tape to discourage them from getting on surfaces where they've gone recently (until the Nature's Miracle can "eat up" all the scent). We've moved litter boxes, added litters boxes (we've been using the same litter for years, so we've kept that the same). We've paid more attention. When we had our shower and received a lot of furniture, we even put much of it in storage and brought it in in little bits, so as to not stress the cats too much. When the urinating seemed to get worse, we removed things until they could calm down (a week or two or three), then brought the item in again.

It's getting to the point now where we're just tired and can't do it anymore. We love our cats desperately, but we're only a few weeks away from bringing a new baby home, and we're afraid the cats will pee on the baby (remember, I got peed on! And they regularly pee in our bed at night while we're in it). It's getting harder and harder to live with tin foil and tape on everything, and finding and cleaning up urine spots has become a part-time job for us both (and we both work 9-5 already).

Is it time to find new homes for our kitties? We hate to do it, but are out of ideas. We're afraid that if they go to new homes, the new owners may not be as patient and just have them put down... NOT what we want to have happen! Any thoughts?
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Wow! You two must be really stressed out! How long ago were the cats tested for UTIs? Stress can trigger the development of UTIs so if they were tested a while ago, it will be worthwhile to have the re-tested to see whether anything has developed.

Have you read the long thread on stopping inappropriate urination? If not, please click here for that thread.

Also, please click here for a lengthy thread on stopping spraying. It is very long, but you will see many suggestions and what worked and didn't work for this member. For some reason the initial post on that thread is not there, but you will soon see that it was written by someone in a similar situation as yourself.

The Humane Society has a page on adding a baby to a household with pets. I'll see if I can find the page for you.

Don't give up yet. It sounds like the two of you are working hard to save your relationship with the cats. As long as y'all are willing to keep working to find a solution, I'm sure you will be successful.
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Here is the Humane Society page on introducing your pet to your new baby. You can also find this and many other informative pages if you go to http://www.hsus.org and click on pets.
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Thanks for the advice. I have already read the long threads on stopping urination and spraying (many times!), but the Humane Society page was new to me, and much appreciated.

Well, we have an appt. to bring the cats back to the vet tomorrow to be checked again for UTI's or any other potential health problems (we had them checked about 6 weeks ago, so it's possible that something has developed in that time). $$$$ that really should be going towards expenses during my maternity leave, but we want to be able to say definitely that there's no health problem.

Sadly, if it turns out that there are no health problems, I think we've decided to try to find another home (or homes) for the cats. We just cannot do this any more... my DH got peed on last night while he was sleeping, and that was pretty much the last straw. It will be difficult to find someone to take them, with the urination problems, but they're otherwise good cats. We refuse to dump them in a shelter somewhere where they could be euthanised.

It's funny, but we're actually hoping that they're sick!
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It is so odd that they are actually peeing on you and your hubby. Please talk to your vet about antidepressants as well. They can be very helpful with freaked out cats.

You are right that it is unlikely that anyone else would adopt these cats, so I also hope that they are sick. If they are healthy, I'm sure the antidepressants will be a big help.

Let us know what the vet finds.
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Well, we got one cat to the vet yesterday... the one who has been spraying. No UTI.

The other kitty, the one who's actually urinating, managed to get away from us yesterday as soon as she saw the carrier come out. She got herself wedged in a crevice in the basement and would not come out (little stinker!). We did manage to get her into the carrier this morning, though, and she's at the vet now. I'll update when we know her test results.
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news!

The urinating cat DOES have a UTI!

I'm so happy! This is something we can treat and should get better. Phew! So we don't have to find a new home for our baby.

The spraying cat... well, that's behavioral, but the truth is that we were a lot less concerned about her. It's a lot easier to stay on top of the very occassional spray - it only got to be too much when combined with the othe cat urinating.

So we get to keep our kitties. I'm so relieved.

Lotsocats... thank you so much for your suggestion to go back to the vet. I'm really glad I did (despite the $140!).
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Woo Hoo!!!

I am so glad that her behavior was due to illness!

Now...while you are treating her, get a black light and find all of the old pee and clean it carefully so that she doesn't return to those places in the future!


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Just saw this thread andd am so glad there is a happy ending!
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