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Throwing Kitty Litter

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Help me Please!!!

I have a female cat 1.5 yrs old and she throws her kitty litter...instead of scooping and covering gently she literally throws the litter around. She does her thing and then stands on the edge of the box and basically scoops the litter out of the box along with whatever else she gets. She's not a bad cat--per se--she has been an indoor/outdoor kitty for the past year or so and we have recently kept her inside she's thrown the litter for as long as my boyfriend can remember. I recently moved in with my own two cats and we just can't keep up with litter cleaning when we have to clean up the thrown kitty litter as well as the normal stuff... can anyone help me out?

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My cat is a very avid scratcher also. He doesn't throw any poop out of the box, thankfully. How often do you change the litter box? My cat tends to scratch more when the box is more soiled. You said you don't have much time to clean, so I am guessing you don't want to take the time and scoop the poo out of the box every day. You could get a rug or a litter mat. You can buy them at any PetSmart or on the websites. To be quite honest, after I got my rediculously expensive, very small, mat I found that rubber mats for automobiles look about the same, are larger, and usually come in pairs. You can also try http://www.harrietcarter.com/kittykleanmat.html which sells a pair of litter mats. One of these days I AM going to buy a set

Good luck!
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My Siamese female does the samething even after we change her litterbox. My one female seems to be the only one who does this. We can just put fresh litter in the box and she uses it and the here comes the waterfall of litter over the side along with what ever she has done in there. I have 3 litterboxes and we scoop them every other day. The one I have in my bathroom seems to just get litter on the floor it even has a gard on it. I go in there everyday with the vaccume and vaccume up the litter because I do not like stepping on it. I have no idea why my cat does this but I wish she would stop.
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Originally posted by Simon's Mommy
The one I have in my bathroom seems to just get litter on the floor it even has a gard on it.
My boxes have all been covered litter pans, and he STILL flicks litter all over the place! Thank goodness it's JUST litter! :laughing2
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Sasha is a very enthusiastic digger too. we have a covered litter box, and it even has a little door/flap on the front. now we have very little litter on the floor; it's nice. It also cut down on odor considerably, and it gives her a little privacy. we got ours at Petco. I love it!
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Jake does the same thing. So instead of spending money on a mat, I just put tons of newspaper under the litterbox. Then if any gets spilled, it will go on the paper and I can put it back in the litterbox
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we have newspaper under the kittens' box, too. since they can't use the covered one. unfortunatly, they've taken to using the paper instead of the box...and my dad's closet...and their little bed...I sure hope they grow out of this soon! on the bright side- hardly any litter gets on the floor!
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Perhaps you could cut down on how much litter you are using AND get one of the covered litter boxes mentioned above with the flap on it. My cats scratch a lot if the litter box has too much litter in it!
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