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Sneak Preview of The New

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Some of the links are active, some are not. Feel free to browse the link section and see if there is anything on there that might need to be fixed, or rate the links if you like-

It is still under constructiion so feedback here would be appreciated. New logo courtesy of our Kimward34

Design & Layout of course by Anne!

The New Preview
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Very Cool!
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Very cool indeed! Me like
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Very nice! I like the layout and design.

Pat and Alix P. Curl
Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats
"Where Kitty Wishes and Dreams Come True"
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That looks great!

I give it two thumbs up and my cats give it two paws up!
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Wow, it looks really good! I can't wait for September to see the whole kit'n'kaboodle!
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I love the new look and the new logo is awesome!!! The links that I checked in the health section seemed to be working. Is this the only section that is completed so far? When I clicked on the care section, I got an error message that it was forbidden. When I clicked on the behavior section, I got another error message that said file not found.
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You need to have the special direct PHP to access either the care or the health sections (both are ready). You can also access the links section by going to - the links section is under work as we're constantly adding the links but that's on the data base so you shouldn't have a problem browsing there. There are some nice new features on the links section - you can rate the links and see what their average rates and hits (visits) are. Feel free to browse around there and add your rates

Glad you like the design Hopefully we'll be ready by September
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I like it....though it does seem to remind of my mother's recipe books...but I have to say, the colour tabs makes different sections of the site stand out better.
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I love the new logo, it's very whimsical and friendly. Kimward, you're so talented, girl!
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I think it looks great!!!! (Love the logo Kim!!!!)

I really like the tabs for navigation, and I like the bold colors.

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I think it looks great, too! Love the new logo, can't wait to see the whole thing.
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Looks awesome! Kim, you have some major skill! I think it is very friendly, polished, and easy to navigate!! Two thumbs up from me!
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I love it!!
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very nice!!
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I like the propsed plans, very spunky!

Thanks for making this such an enjoyable place!!!!
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I LOVE it!
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worth another bump
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thanks for the link.
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definitely 2 thumbs up!! I especially like the easiness of the new tabs and the pretty colors also .
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Wow.... Really really nice

by the way what's a bump?
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Looking great!!!
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