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Please help me out with this issue....

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We took Zooey to the vet today.
She still has a Urinary Tract Infection.
There is no more blood in the urine, but the white blood cell level is still on the high side.

The vet has given her another five day dose of anitbiotics, which brings the days she's been on antibiotics up to almost one month!!

On top of the antibiotics the vet has prescribed her Walthams S/O for cats... And what is the first product listed on the side of the pack? CHICKEN BY PRODUCT MEAL!!!! :angry:

I asked the vet if she knew of any organic brands with a product for UTI cats, but she didn't. I can't bear the thought of feeding Zooey CHICKEN BY PRODUCT!!! I mean she's had organic food practically all her life!

Does any one know if Innova/Felidae does a food for cats with UTI?
Or if any other brand does an organic food for UTI cats?
I don't mind if it's not all organic, but just not, CHICKEN BY PRODUCT!!!

I know i sound pretty angry, but I'm not. I just can't feed her chicken by product.

Suggestions Pleeeeze....

Cheers everyone.
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Oh I'm sorry your baby has been sick I wish I had some suggestions for you. Although feeding her by product for awhile isnt going to hurt her. I know you dont like it, neither do I, but my parents cat has been eating friskies for 14 years and she's healthy as a horse
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yes, have you heard of MEDI-CAL preventative? it is in canada and has a different name in the states.

but it prevents UTI (proven by clinical studies)
and has chicken meal (not by-product), and corn, but really helps this condition...

(My Leo has blood in urine, frequent urinating with no urine coming out...vet ga\\ve me this food, in 4 days he was back to normal!!!)

I have not changed foods, and he has never had a problem since!

here is a link

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Although feeding her by product for awhile isnt going to hurt her.
Good Point.

Trust me to fly into a panic and not be rational
I suppose a couple of cups of chicken by product won't do too much damage...

Well... No choice now. She doesn't seem to mind it too much... I suppose when she comes off it, i'll get her this Berry Balance powder stuff from solid gold. I wrote to them last night.
This is what I wrote:

My cat Zooey is recovering from a urinary tract infection and the vet recommends that she is put on a food that supports cat's in this condition. She's been on organic food all her life and i really don't want to stop now. Does solid Gold carry such a product? I can't bear the thought of feeding my kitty CHICKEN BY PRUDUCT... eeeeeeeee.
and this is what they wrote back:

Thank you for your email. We do not have a food specially made for cats with UTI. We do have a supplement called Berry Balance that is useful to cats with UTI. It helps to acidify the urine and dissolve any crystals that may be present. This supplement should only be used when a cat has urine that is too alkaline and/or struvite crystals. Your vet should have this information for you.
ho hum..... you are right though.... a litle bit can't be that bad.
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THANKS for the link.
Am going to ask the vet if they know where i can get some.
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What is chicken by product? I feed Indie the standard Whiskas stuff adn he likes it. I also give him grilled chicken.
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Chicken By Product

Check out this thread:



this one too


I think these threads will explain what it is better than i can.
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suraya I'm glad you're calm now.. Honestly I never used to think twice about what kind of food to feed the cats when I was younger (mom bought the food) but ChiChi is 14 years old, and has only eaten Friskies her whole life, and we all know Friskies has by-products. But ChiChi is in perfect health! So if its just for a little while I really dont think it will make a difference! It's like, junk food, fast food.. its not good for us and we dont eat it all the time because we probly wouldnt live as long, lol, but once in a while it wont effect us.
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And Zooey is eating it. The vet said she might not....

It's my Gemini ascendant going nuts again!
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That's great that Zooey is eating it! We want her to get better!
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Why Thank You!
Much obliged.
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Hope your baby is feeling better soon.
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