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My asylum, redux

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Last night, I let the dogs in for their playtime, with Rowdy. She was on the windowsill, behind the couch. Pearl jumped onto the couch, Rowdy popped up and punched Pearl right in the nose. This was a right jab, that would have done Sugar Ray proud. Of course, the romp was on. Rowdy took on both dogs and held her own. Ike had enough and went to bed.

I went out to the patio, for a cigarette and both dogs decided to go with me. They found a HUGE water bug and were playing with it. Pearl used her paws, like a cat, to bat the bug around and she will pick it up and shake it. Ike just moved it around with his nose.

Poor Rowdy! She was at the screen door and she wanted that big bug. She was meowing and yowling, at the top of her lungs. It was as if a little kid was throwing a temper tantrum, to get something she wanted. Of course, Rowdy is not allowed outside and I was NOT going to bring the bug inside so, Rowdy was SOL.

When I was ready to go to bed, I had a hard time getting the dogs in - they were having so much fun with the bug. Pearl picked it up and was going to bring it in. THAT was not going to fly! I don't mind her taking inanimate toys to bed but, NO BUGS.
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LOL!You never have a dull moment!
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LMAO, I love hearing about the antics of your "children"
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Aww Rowdy wants the bug!!!!!

Zoey caught some small bugs yesterday in the house. This is really great, I'm not used to having my own exterminator!!!
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This morning, the bug is quite dead and badly mangled. Pearl has been carrying it around and playing with it. She was lying on her back, throwing the bug up and batting it. She also tries to give it to me. I don't want it. Being raised with cats, she has a serious identity problem.
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ROFL!! rowdy just kills me!
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Ohmygosh! How big is this bug?? Or should I ask how big it was... ? (Might I add - your furkids are crazy! )
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LOL Cindy, they sure keep you busy. The other day I found a large (3/4 - 1 inch), dead beetle on the floor. it looked like one of the cats chewed on it a little. Ewwww! We sometimes get centipedes, I hate them, and the cats catch them and eat them. Go kitties!

Rowdy is certainly appropriately named.
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They're just like toddlers, aren't they?

Peaches was chasing after a spider the other day. First time I've seen her interested in chasing any critter!
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The bug was almost 3" long. Poor Rowdy was so jealous - Pearl got the big bug and she didn't. The carcass is still on my patio. Pearl has been carting it around and showing it off. She keeps trying to give it to me. YUCK!
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Ewwwwwwwww LOL
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